Fairytale Wedding in Lima

I’m back from my quick little jaunt to Lima, Peru – a 5 day adventure that was packed with sight seeing, shopping, llamas, totally insane traffic, an excessive amount of food and… oh yes… an AMAZING wedding!


My baby brother Michael and his bride Priscila were married in a breathtakingly gorgeous ceremony at the Iglesia de San Pedro (Church of San Pedro) in Lima. Words cannot describe the ornate beauty of this 17th century church – and my pictures do not even come close to doing it justice. But you can trust me that it was spectacular!


In a surprising turn of events, I ended up doing a reading from the bible – in Spanish – in the ceremony. I was grateful for the little Spanish I remembered from my few years in high school – and honored to be a part of the service!

Here is the beautiful bride (muy bonita!) getting ready in our hotel!


The reception was something out of a dream – a night of food, dancing and love in a spectacular tented garden on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I am not exaggerating when I say my jaw dropped to the floor as I walked into the magical setting designed by Priscila, her mother Mili, and her amazing wedding planner.

Feast your eyes on these images (yes, they are less-than-amazing iPhone photos, as I couldn’t bring my big camera on the trip!)






You can see some of the professional shots from this incredible day on the photographer’s Facebook page, right here! The photographer, Luis Chiang Chang-Way (Zonanueve Studios), did an incredible job of capturing Priscila’s perfect beauty, among breathtaking sites throughout historical Lima. If you click one link today, click this one and check out the few ‘preview’ pics already shared!


If you have any intentions of getting married in Lima – check out these amazing vendors:

Makeup: Martin Catalogne (he did wonders on my face, too!)

Flowers: Elvira Del Busto

Jewelry/Hairpiece: Roxana Parda Barco

Wedding Planner: Paola Maldanado

Photographer: Zonanueve Studios


The newlyweds in their first dance!

Have you ever been to a wedding that felt as if you had walked into a magazine photo shoot? That is how this felt – and more. It was absolutely unbelievable!


DIY Decoupaged Cake Stands

You’ve seen the tutorials, so this project is not likely to blow your mind. Pretty plates + pretty candlesticks = pretty DIY cake stands.

To pump up the unique-ness, however, I decided to decoupage my plates – covering them in pieces of a vintage style world map – to help them fit into our travel theme for our globally-inspired bridal shower.


I used some plastic plates from IKEA and a world map purchased from Staples. One map was enough to fully cover two large & one small plate. I cut out the three continents that are most significant to the bride & groom – North America (my brother being from Pennsylvania), South America (Priscila is from Peru), and Europe (the couple met in Sweden & vacationed in Paris).


I saved the cut-out-continents for last, and set to work covering the plates with pieces & strips of the map, cut into various sizes and lengths. I adhered all the pieces using Mod Podge. I was peeling the stuff off my fingers for days to come!


Once I’d covered the edges & majority of the surface of each plate, I placed the cut out continent pieces into the center and secured them down.


After failing at wrapping & glue-ing around the edges of the plates (covering round & bendy surfaces is hard!) I decided to save myself some trouble, and use a roll of Washi tape I already had on hand – patterned with suitcases, so it totally fit the theme – to securely cover the edges of each plate. I gave everything another coat of Mod Podge & sprayed the plates with a sealant when I finished.


Two of the plates were attached to a pair of white Ikea candlesticks to form raised cake stands.


They helped to add some height to our dessert table display!


By the way, I made sure that all of the food displayed on these decoupaged plates were in individual wrappers – as the mod podged surface is not really meant for food!


Enjoy your day!

Travel Themed Bridal Shower – Part 1

Our surprise bridal shower for Priscila was so much fun to plan & create for. I’ll be sharing projects and highlights in posts to come, so today I will begin with an overview of the theme & party and some of my favorite decor details!


As I explained yesterday, the travel theme was really a no-brainer for this shower, as Priscila and Michael are from two different continents, and met on a third! In addition to lots of maps, globes, & other travel references, we featured a broad color palette in the decor. I took inspiration from that lovely woven bouquet of flowers seen here on the mantle display:


Priscila gave me the flowers – they are handwoven & crafted by Peruvian artists. The mantle features, in addition to some of our favorite globes, a collection of Peruvian souvenirs given to my mother and I by Priscila over the years. Traditional Peruvian art and design is so brightly colored – and so we totally embraced the bold, bright and cheerful colors!


Additional decor details included DIY garlands and beautiful fresh flowers cut from my mother’s garden displayed in blue mason jars.


My two favorite displays were the dessert table (I loved compiling both re-purposed and DIY-ed pieces to create the food display),


followed closely by the magical setting we created on the back patio, by hanging inflatable globes and paper lanterns adorned with tissue paper flowers from my parent’s beautiful oak tree.


We also DIY-ed the favor boxes and “baggage claim” display:


And set up an interactive area in the foyer, where guests were invited to write a postcard to Priscila & leave their initials on every country they’ve visited on a large laminated map!


Stay tuned for more details & DIY tutorials. At the completion of the series, I will post a full list of projects & vendors/sources!

Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s what I’m digging this week!


For a Peaceful Retreat~ I’m totally in love with this Organic Charlie Paisley Duvet cover from Pottery Barn. Completely inspiring for an entire bedroom makeover!



For DIY Motivation~ I would love to recreate this DIY Crate Coffee Table from DIY Vintage Chic. So cool & functional at the same time!


For a Fall Pumpkin Project ~ I love this simple monogrammed pumpkin from All in a Day using thumbtacks!


For My Next Trip~ I am so into Scotland lately, and dying to go there. I love old castles & am dying to see Edinburgh Castle, among others! (Image Source)


For A Smile~ Have a fabulous week, everyone! (Image Source)


Happy Memorial Day!

We packed up some bags & our little bean and took a drive to Lancaster, PA for the weekend.

We stayed at a great pet-friendly hotel, the Best Western Eden Resort. Emma got to go for walks & see some new sights, we got to spend a day by the pool (& some cash at the outlets).

Some Instagram pics from the weekend:

Amish Country

I broke in my birthday bag ~ felt very spoiled and glamorous.

Poolside bliss.


Monday Motivation will return next week. Enjoying the rest of my day off today!
What did you do this weekend? Was it hot & summery where you are? We are pushing 90 today!


Monday Motivation

For Eating ~ Thai Shrimp Lettuce Wraps from 28 Cooks

For Travel ~ The Swallow’s Nest Castle in Crimea

Image Source

For my Dream Beach House ~ FH and I dream of one day owning a beach/vacation home. I have an entire Pinterest Board devoted to my fantasy…

The perfect beach kitchen from Country Living

For Sewing (Ideas for Beginners!) ~ I think I could whip up a few of these (DIY instructions from Martha Stewart) to protect my essentials this summer!

For a Night Cap ~ FH discovered this article titled “6 Reasons Why A Little Glass of Wine Each Day Might Do You Good”. Memory & metabolism boosting and decreased chances of infections and possibly cancer- good enough reasons to convince us to enjoy a glass each night!

That’s it for today- have a wonderful week!

❤ Laura

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! Here is my round-up of get-me-through-the-week loveliness!

DIY Project ~ I’m lovin’ the tutorials from Aunt Peaches for DIY flowers (mostly from things like coffee filters). I’d love to try these delicate cherry blossoms!

Wedding Hair Piece ~ I am in love with this Twiggy Flower Hair Clip “Cecily” by The Honey Comb shop on Etsy.

Spring Cleaning & Recycling ~ Always Chrysti offers 100+ creative things to do with that stack of old magazines on your coffee table! I’m definitely going to try some of these out with the billions of wedding magazines I’ve collected!

In the Kitchen ~ My thanks to Dr. Oz for providing this Hungry Girl’s Pan Fried Chicken Parm recipe @ only 279 calories per serving. Now if only I can eat it without the plate of pasta…

And for Dessert ~ How about these delicious looking Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins from Healthy is Always Better– 116 calories in a regular sized muffin, or just 58 in mini muffin size!


For Travel ~ I am just DYING to book a trip for me & my future hubby to his ancestor’s homeland Scotland… and when we go, we will stay at the amazing looking Kintail Lodge Hotel near the Isle of Skye.

I want to see mountains and castles, and find Nessie. Then we’ll go to this magical spot:

The Fairy Pools in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK {Photo Source}

That’s it for now… have a great Monday & an awesome week!