Love and Storage

My dear husband loves me bunches. He knows that the occasional crafty-DIY project helps to keep me sane when work & life are stressful, and he knows that I have a habit of leaving half-painted projects sitting out for a week, or forgetting to put away the hot glue gun. He never says a word – just shakes his head as he walks by our dining room table covered in scrapbook paper – 5 days in a row. I just couldn’t resist jumping on the Hey Girl Meme bandwagon with this silly guy:

HeyGirl2Hubby cemented his permanent place in my heart this past Valentine’s Day with his unconventional choice of gift. He found a Craft & Sewing Cart that disguises itself quite nicely as a piece of furniture perfectly suited to our living/dining open floor plan in our 2nd floor apartment.

cabinet1The cabinet holds SO MUCH – I love it to pieces. Our space is pretty limited, so it was so nice to gain this extra storage space for my ever-growing collection of crafting supplies, and the cabinet found a perfect home in the transitional living-into-dining area of our apartment. Since it’s on wheels, it can be moved anywhere for convenience, and I could even see myself turning it into a faux bar cart for entertaining purposes!

sewingshelfI packed my sewing machine & Cuttlebug onto the bottom shelf, and then quickly filled the right hand shelves with loads of supplies.

craftcabinetshelves2The left hand door opens up to reveal a great little cubby area – perfect for holding rubber stamps, ribbons, paintbrushes, and other small items.

BinStorageThe extending leaf is great for creating a larger workspace, and the surface of the furniture seems to be very scratch & stain resistant.

jarsI love having this additional storage, I love having a new surface to decorate, and I LOVE my thoughtful hubs!

CraftCabinetWhere do you store all of your craft supplies (or supplies related to another fun hobby)? If you have some amazing organizational ideas, I’d love to hear em- I could totally use the help!!