Five Lovely Things

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? I’m not! But, if I were, I’d be looking to some of these amazing images for inspiration…

FiveLovelyThanksgivingClockwise from top left: Gilded Harvest Place Cards from Cupcakes & Cashmere // Harvest Tablescape from Ruffled // Printable Thanksgiving Bread Wraps from Whipperberry // Golden Harvest Candles from Anthropologie // Pumpkin Welcome Display from Budget Decorator

I hope you have a great weekend!



The Lazy Girl’s DIY Chalkboard

Chalkboards are pretty much the coolest home trend right now, in my opinion. They remind me of those days in elementary school when I was just desperate to be picked by my teacher to go outside and bang the chalk dust off the big erasers. They can be practical, for kitchen shopping lists, or they can be the perfect canvas for artwork that can change with the seasons, or your mood.


There are some super crafty people out there on Pinterest making all kinds of amazing DIY chalkboards, and boy do I admire them. While I would love to make my own completely from scratch (like this one… swoon), I simply don’t have the time these days. So I present to you my compromise with my self… the lazy girl’s version of a DIY chalkboard! (Or maybe we can call it the BUSY girl’s DIY chalkboard – either way, it’s simple & not very time consuming!)


I ordered chalkboard contact paper from Amazon, and used a big frame I found unused & unwanted in our basement. The contact paper was easy to stick onto the glass – just required patience to lay correctly & push the air bubbles out. (P.S. – I know that you can totally see the seam where I had to lay an extra piece to cover the glass. You can avoid this by a) using a smaller/narrower frame, or b) finding bigger contact paper. I decided that I could live with it since the roll of paper was under $8 and the frame was free. Call me cheap thrifty.)


The actual challenging, non lazy part of this project (for me) was the lettering. While I am a teacher, I do not have the ‘pretty handwriting DNA’. I have horrific board-writing skills. So I really took my time with this, and made guidelines to keep my lettering straight (ish) and centered.  There was a lot of wet-paper-towel erasing going on, and my hand was totally cramping up by the time I finished. It’s not super impressive, but by my standards, I was thrilled.


I am now officially in love with this little spot in our house. I stare at it all night long from the couch. I’ve hit some bumps in the road lately, and I believe it really does help to surround myself with little reminders to be positive each day, and to be thankful for all of the blessing in my life.


Also, a new obsession might have been born with the purchase of that ceramic Reindeer (he looks regular-deer-ish enough that I didn’t think it was too soon to put him out). He came from Target and I want all of them.


So there you have my latest fall update. And after Thanksgiving I’ll have to schedule myself another 2 hour window to change the board…


A Silver and Gold Thanksgiving Table

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is nearly here! I’m looking forward to spending the holiday with my family. Since I am not faced with the task of cleaning, cooking & decorating for guests, I daydreamed today about a lovely Thanksgiving table in silver, gold & autumn hues. It’s much easier to imagine & browse my favorite home decor online stores (the 21st century version of window shopping?) than to actually pull the whole event together, I am sure!

Inspiration for a Silver & Gold Thanksgiving Table:

Clockwise, from left: 1) Metallic Diamond Printed Napkin Set – $25 for set of 4 (sale price) from West Elm. 2) Hand-stamped vintage serving spoons – $24 for two from Blithe Vintage on Etsy. 3) Pumpkin Place-Card Holders – $14.99 for set of 4 (sale price) from Williams-Sonoma. 4) Twisted Gold Tumbler – $16.00 from Anthropologie. 5) Gold Wishbone Napkin Rings – $39.50 for set of 4 from Pottery Barn.

So, what about you? Planning your own Thanksgiving feast, or letting friends or family do all the work & just enjoying the eats?
P.S. If you’ve been following my chronicles of wedding projects – just taking a little break, there is a lot more to come!