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Hiya! Just popping back again today to let you know that you can check out my Table Numbers DIY project from our DIY October Wedding over on the WeddingLovely Blog today!


Thanks so much for sharing my project AND my wedding, Tracy!

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Wedding Wrap Up

OK guys – I am pretty sure that I have reached the end of my list of wedding-related posts! I’m actually a little bummed- I had SO much fun planning (and actually getting married), that being able to blog about it afterwards helped to stretch out the fun. I’ll definitely keep sharing wedding ideas & inspiration periodically, since I just adore weddings so much!


If you are one of my few *but awesome* loyal readers, you have been privy to a long line of posts both leading up to and now following my October wedding.

I shared stories & reflections about the big day, and I gushed (and could still gush some more) about some of my incredible vendors (like our venue & florist here in part 1, and our wedding band & photographers in part 2) that helped make our day so perfect.


I also shared loads of DIY Projects that I completed with the help of my hubby, friends & family.

Looking back, here are some of the highlights from the past few months of wedding postings.

The Expression of the Day

Our DIY “Yay!” Flags were our alternative to rice-throwing at the conclusion of our ceremony.

IMG_3463We used construction paper, wooden dowels, & double-sided tape for this simple DIY project, to create fun flags for guests to wave at the end of our ceremony (and throughout the night!)


Careful Coordination

I designed our invitations & menus, featuring our L+T “logo” of sorts and the fonts Campland and Lavanderia (you can purchase Campland letters and ornaments here & Lavanderia here).

DSC_5567Our programs were printed on Kraft paper (simple, one fold booklets designed to coordinate with the Invitations).


Keeping things Organized

I helped to keep our bridal party on track with these day-of pocket timelines, full of details on when and where important things were happening throughout the day.

TimelineOur overnight guests found a helpful, informative card and map of the wedding site tucked into their welcome bags.


Say Cheese!

Our DIY Photo Booth was an inexpensive & easy interactive feature of our day.

FrameEditBy hanging a simple white frame from two birch poles, we created a simple outdoor “photo booth” area, where guests could strike a pose or share a message on handheld chalkboards.


Some Thing(s) Borrowed, and Some Things Bought…

Loads of decor came straight out of my mother’s house – like these vintage chalkboards.


Still more items were handmade by those more talented than me – amazing Etsy artists & shop owners. You can see where I bought special wedding pieces, like this personalized wedding gown hanger from Hanger Design Center, in this post.


Personal Details

These DIY table numbers served a dual purpose –

DSC_2508-14 copyhelping guests to find their seats, and sharing some L+T ‘trivia’ to give family & friends a little glimpse into our relationship.

DSC_2511-15 copy

Homemade Caramel Apple Favors

Delicious apples from a local orchard were dipped in caramel & a variety of colored sprinkles,

IMG_0592then bagged & tagged to give our guests a delicious taste of Fall to take home!


Little Touches

DIY Burlap Bunting and a DIY Rustic Card Box were simple projects that were completed far in advance of the wedding to add another little handmade touch.


Along the way, I also shared some of the web-based tools & smartphone apps that helped me plan & stay on track, and offered tips for things like including your pet in your wedding, and how to create a sweet DIY photo book for wedding (or other) pictures.


It’s a Wrap

For full project tutorials & even more wedding related posts, visit my page dedicated to our DIY wedding.

For even more on our wedding, including loads more pictures, check out this post on the Focal Point Studios blog, and our special wedding feature on the WeddingLovely Blog!

instagramvowsPlanning our wedding was some of the most fun I’ve ever had- seriously. I loved every craft and project, and it was such a thrill to see it all come together on the big day. To top it off, I had the amazing experience of joining my life to my new husband’s – with all of our family & friends around us to share in that joy! Our wedding day was beautiful, with a very meaningful ceremony and a great party to top it off. It was the perfect start to an amazing new adventure that hubby & I now get to share, and I could not be any luckier!

DSC_6425I hope you enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes details that went into our day. If you’re a bride planning your own special day, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

DIY Wedding // Escort Cards and Kiddie Bags

I promised myself I would complete my wedding-projects posts this week, and since I love crossing things off my list, I’m determined to make it happen! So up next are a couple of small projects that I somehow squeezed in during our last week before the wedding.

Escort Cards

I had a completely different plan for our escort cards that just did not work out. As I mentioned in this post about my craziness, I decided somewhere in the middle of the night two days before the wedding that I needed to trash my original plan and find a better solution.

IMG_3495So, for a lesson in accepting that “sometimes things just don’t go perfectly”, and “don’t bite off more than you can chew,” my man-of-honor (bestie Eric) and I made quick work of Plan B – which involved grabbing a bulletin board from Staples & pinning up my already-made-and-punched heart shaped Escort cards.


Hearts were prevalent throughout our wedding decor, and I had already printed the names of my guests on Kraft paper, and cut them out in the shape of little hearts using this craft punch. While I did not end up displaying them as planned, I thought the rushed end result on the bulletin board was cute enough to pass. (And made for easy name-finding-and-grabbing for our guests).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlus, the hubs & I are both teachers, so I thought a nod to school supplies was relatively appropriate, no?

Even though this was not my initial plan, I would definitely recommend this method- with a few minor tweaks.  If I’d had more time, I would have covered the bulletin board in a pretty fabric or paper and I’d probably have painted the frame. I would also use prettier thumbtacks if I got the chance to do it all again. I could have made some super sweet tacks using these lovely resin Cabochons. Maybe when I ditch the world of public education and become a wedding planner. (Joking). (Maybe).

Kiddie Bags & Wedding Activity Book

A last minute but super fun project was assembling some gift bags filled with goodies for the handful of under-10 year old guests at our wedding. While the ages ranged from one year old babies to 6 year old kiddos, these bags were relatively fool proof no matter the age.

kidbook1I wanted to include some personalized activities for the kids at the wedding, and so I took inspiration from a kid-friendly book created by Chelsea on her amazing blog Lovely Indeed, which she offers FREE right here for her readers to download & use themselves!

I created my book to coordinate with the rest of our day-of paper items. It had a Kraft paper cover & was filled with cute little coloring pages, puzzles, and activities.

kidbook2I then filled little bags with the activity book, a small box of crayons, pencils, stickers, foam pumpkins, and bubbles. Because honestly, who doesn’t love bubbles?

kidbook5I unfortunately did not remember to snap a few pictures of the completed bags, but I promise they were adorable.

kidbook6We did not have many young children at our wedding, but I was so happy to have something special for the few we had. Plus, I’m sure their parents appreciated having something to keep them busy! What do you think about having little goodie bags for kids at weddings- is it something you would or (or have done?)

DIY Wedding // Finishing Touches

So between today & tomorrows posts, I’ll be completing my wrap up of our DIY wedding festivities! Phew! With just a handful of projects yet to come, here are some of the smaller DIY-ed touches that we incorporated into the day.

Guest Book

I created a photo book of our favorite engagement pictures in iPhoto, ordering directly through Apple.


The quality of Apple photo books is really nice, and I left plenty of space between pictures & even some blank pages for our guests to leave us notes and well wishes.


Now we have this great momento from our day, filled with fun & sweet messages from all of our guests!


(Not to mention a lovely way to preserve & share the sweet engagement photo session we took on the beach! Thanks again, Amy & Lauren!)


It wouldn’t have been a rustic, DIY wedding without a few wooden signs now, would it?IGoursign

I take no credit for the creation of these lovelies. My father cut up some plywood & created the arrow-points on the ends of each sign.

photo (2)

Then, one of our dearest friends donated his talents by painting & lettering each sign.


This one (my favorite) led the way up a little path to the fire pit, where we had our fun after party, complete with whiskey, cigars, doritos & S’mores-roasting. (Yes, I sat by the fire & ate some S’mores in my wedding dress. The dress was only in danger of catching fire once… and the crisis was quickly averted. 🙂

Check back tomorrow to see how we presented our escort cards & the fun kiddie bags I created for our youngest guests!

DIY Card Crate!

There is loads of wedding-related crafting going on in our home these days, but I’ll be saving most of them for post-wedding posts. This little project is one I actually did a month or so ago, but is not something I feel needs to be a “surprise” and so I decided to share it now!

In lieu of the more traditional card box found on the gift table at wedding receptions, I decided to make a card box that would fit with our rustic & woodsy theme! I started with a simple wooden crate from Michael’s (purchased with a 40% off coupon, though I forget the actual cost. I’ll find out and update!) We are incorporating wood/trees/bark in several ways throughout the wedding, so I felt this was a more appropriate choice for our occasion than your standard white-fabric covered box.

I already had this can of Krylon wood stain, in Earthen Brown, so I set myself in up the garage (door open for ventilation) and went to town spraying my crate.

I do not have a lot of experience using spray wood stain, so I followed the directions on the can carefully. I applied three light coats, using an old rag in between each coat and rubbing in line with the wood grain to wipe up excess paint. I was fairly satisfied with the result.

To label our card crate, I purchased these wooden craft letters (again from Michael’s, at under $2 a piece). I painted them all with a quick coat of white paint to create a nice even canvas for my ombre – coloring effect.

I started with the center letter, the “R”, because I wanted my ombre effect to work itself from the outside in. I painted the R with my orange craft paint (Martha Stewart), and then lightened the orange with white paint for the A and D, and lightened with more white again for the C and the S!

Once everything dried, I used a staple gun to attach a ribbon along the back of each letter.



And there you have it! A simple little card crate to collect well wishes from our friends & families! Yay!