Emma’s Announcement

Well hello there, friends! Sorry for the months of radio silence over here! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen our little announcement last week, which explains the latest ‘project’ I’ve been cooking up for the past several months! This poor dog has no idea what she’s in for…

And let me tell you, this baby making business really wiped me out! Pretty much from the happy moment we found out I was pregnant, I felt all of my energy just sucked away. My normal amounts of excessive pep disappeared, to be replaced by exhaustion. All for a wonderful reason, of course! Starting a family of our own has been a long and difficult road for us, so I am trying to take all of the tiredness, queasiness and weird eating habits (let’s just say I could – and sometimes do – eat a bagel for every meal) that this pregnancy has to offer with a sleepy smile. (Plus, I have an amazingly helpful and kind husband who has taken over all cooking/cleaning/smelly dishwasher duties – seriously, amazing).

Now that we’re a couple of weeks into the second trimester (*sigh of relief*), I’m anxiously waiting for my energy & normal feeling tummy to return to me, which so many mom pals have assured me will happen. But so far, no sign of any changes in those areas yet (though my tummy is certainly starting to change on the outside).

Since I pretty much collapse the minute I get home from work, I haven’t built or crafted a single thing lately – which explains my absence here in the blogosphere. I’ve even found that scrolling through blogs & Instagram on my phone makes my queasiness worse (weird, right??), so I’ve really taken a step back from all things web/social media related. I’ve been dreaming up a billion and one ideas, though, and I am optimistic that I’ll have the energy to tackle a few projects this summer (there is, of course, a nursery to design!) You can likely expect to see some haphazard popping in from time to time, but I am primarily focused on enjoying every minute of this pregnancy (well, except for those moments over the toilet bowl… EW!)  – and every minute of our last child-less summer (minus the standard mojito-in-hand this time around 😉

So, till next time, then! ❤