Monday Motivation: New [School] Year Resolutions Edition

For me (and teachers everywhere), Labor Day marks the end of summer (even though myself and nearly every teacher I know works throughout some or all of the summer, it is still a break from the stress of the school year), and the start of a new year: new kids, new colleagues, and new state and/or federal laws carrying huge implications for educators everywhere. If it were any other year, I might be dreading the start of school (tomorrow), but this year I am simply excited for all of the wonderful things to come! Labor Day is the educator’s New Year’s Day- a time of new beginnings and (in my opinion), and excellent time to make some New [School] Year resolutions!

Here are some ideas to help motivate me to meet my goals for the 2012-13 school year!

Resolution: Be Accountable (to myself)

I’ll use this iTunes app “Streaks” – a motivational calendar that tracks how many days in a row you stick to an exercise or diet plan, practice an instrument or skill, or write in your journal (or blog!). Buy it for $1.99 here.


Resolution: Hydrate!

I have a very difficult time trying to get the recommended eight 8oz glasses of water a day. Here’s a tip to help keep yourself on track- mark up water bottles with specific times of the day and stay on schedule! (Original source here).


Resolution: Waste Less

Reduce your carbon footprint & drink your iced coffee from a mason jar – turned travel mug thanks to Cuppow. Bought it. Can’t wait to use it.


Avoid throwing away chicken that you *meant* to cook, but did not get to until it went bad! Prep in advance, and make up freezer bags full of slow-cooker meals. This will help avoid wasting food, and save loads of time! Check out this ebook from Mama and Baby Love for recipes, shopping lists, and printable labels!


Resolution: Stay Calm

The fall can be an especially stressful time for teachers. My typical fall is quite busy- and expensive. And this fall, there’s a wedding to plan (and lots of things to buy and vendors to pay). I’m resolved to love as much of the process as I can, and get a massage when it becomes overwhelming. Or, there is this option:


And with that- I’m off to prep some freezer crock pot meals & pack lunches for me & FH for our first day of school tomorrow! 🙂 Happy Labor Day everyone, and Happy New [School] Year!