Travel Themed Bridal Shower Favors


To make the favors for our “Baggage Claim” at the travel-themed shower, I used small gift boxes, a “postage meter” rubber stamp set from Michael’s, and my “airmail” baker’s twine.


Since Mike & Priscila met in Sweden, we filled the boxes with Swedish fish!


We displayed them inside an old suitcase – really driving home that ‘travel’ theme with our “Baggage Claim” display!


Sweet & simple!


DIY Shower Decor – Hanging Globes, Lanterns & Tissue Paper Flowers

Possibly my favorite part of the decor for Priscila’s travel themed bridal shower was the lovely hanging display of globes and paper lanterns in my parents’ oak tree.


My father and my uncle Gary teamed up to hang the collection of globes and lanterns from the tree branches – with my father bravely hopping up on a ladder to string them up!


The inflatable globes are from Oriental Trading Company,  as are the white paper lanterns.


To make the tissue paper flowers (tutorial adapted from Studio DIY):

1. Cut four sheets of tissue into 6×6 inch squares, and fold the square twice over.

2. Cut a petal shape through the folded sheets, and then open the layers and lay them on top of each other in alternating directions.

3. Fold the sheets in half, and cut a small slit through the center, than slip some floral stamens or – in my case – q-tips (nothing like working with what you have, right?), and fold the sheets up to form a flower.

4. Simply wrap some clear tape around the base of the tissue & stems to secure the flower. Give ’em a fluff and you’re set!


I hot glued the flowers to the sides of the paper lanterns, and glued ribbons to the bottom.


I loved the way the ribbons blew in the breeze all afternoon. It was like a little magical fairyland out in our backyard!


DIY Decoupaged Cake Stands

You’ve seen the tutorials, so this project is not likely to blow your mind. Pretty plates + pretty candlesticks = pretty DIY cake stands.

To pump up the unique-ness, however, I decided to decoupage my plates – covering them in pieces of a vintage style world map – to help them fit into our travel theme for our globally-inspired bridal shower.


I used some plastic plates from IKEA and a world map purchased from Staples. One map was enough to fully cover two large & one small plate. I cut out the three continents that are most significant to the bride & groom – North America (my brother being from Pennsylvania), South America (Priscila is from Peru), and Europe (the couple met in Sweden & vacationed in Paris).


I saved the cut-out-continents for last, and set to work covering the plates with pieces & strips of the map, cut into various sizes and lengths. I adhered all the pieces using Mod Podge. I was peeling the stuff off my fingers for days to come!


Once I’d covered the edges & majority of the surface of each plate, I placed the cut out continent pieces into the center and secured them down.


After failing at wrapping & glue-ing around the edges of the plates (covering round & bendy surfaces is hard!) I decided to save myself some trouble, and use a roll of Washi tape I already had on hand – patterned with suitcases, so it totally fit the theme – to securely cover the edges of each plate. I gave everything another coat of Mod Podge & sprayed the plates with a sealant when I finished.


Two of the plates were attached to a pair of white Ikea candlesticks to form raised cake stands.


They helped to add some height to our dessert table display!


By the way, I made sure that all of the food displayed on these decoupaged plates were in individual wrappers – as the mod podged surface is not really meant for food!


Enjoy your day!

DIY Party Crackers

It wouldn’t be Christmas dinner at my parent’s house without party crackers/poppers. The decorative tubes filled with treats, toys, paper crowns, and/or riddles are an old English tradition that my family loves. When I decided to set up my holiday tablescape, the place settings simply did not look complete to me without a cracker to top them off! Rather than purchasing some, I decided to make my own simplified version of party “crackers” – in quotations because my quick & easy substitutes do not actually crack or pop. (If you’re feeling super ambitious, Pottery Barn offers a tutorial for making authentic, cracking English Crackers!)

HolidayTable2Since I only needed to create my crackers to shoot photos of my tablescape, I decided to take the easy way out. We’ll call these the “lazy girl holiday crackers.” They still look cute, and they still contain a treat, so that’s two important factors still in play, here. They would still be fun to pull apart at a dinner party!

DIYCrackersHere’s what you need to create your own:

-Cardboard tubes (either TP or Paper towel tubes, depending on the size you want)

-Wrapping paper

-Small toys, pieces of candy, message strips, confetti, etc.


-Double-sided tape

Cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to cover the tube, with 2-3 inches of extra paper on each end of the tube. Place strip of double-sided tape across the cardboard tube & secure the first end of the paper in place. Roll the paper around the tube & secure the end with double-sided tape.


Carefully fill the wrapped-up tube with your candy/toy/etc., and complete the cracker by tying the ends with ribbon.

crackercandyThere are so many fun ways you can personalize these – you can mix up the paper, the secret treats inside, the ribbons & the size to make the perfect crackers for your dinner party!


I love this kind of quick, easy & inexpensive DIY!