Birch Slice Monogram Art

I love combining natural elements with a little touch of glitz. I also love monograms. So, basically, I love this little guy a whole lot!


To make this little monogram artwork, I used:

A birch slice (purchased at Michael’s, because I live in the city).

A wooden letter C  – I have like 7 “C”s in various sizes & materials. I love my last initial, because I love that I share it with my hubby!

Craft Paint – White (Folk Art) & Gold (Martha Stewart) & a little paint brush

A photo hanger


First, I nailed the picture hanger into the back of the wood slice.


Then painted the C gold – two coats.


And I carefully painted inside the wood slice with the white.

DSC_0147 copy

I attached the letter with wood glue, and hung this baby on my wall!

DSC_0149 copy

I’m sort of obsessed with this. Like I want to make about twenty five more and create a whole birch-slice-alphabet-wall.


How about you? Make anything cool lately!?

Stenciled Frames

The Martha Stewart stencils I picked up at Michael’s were an awesome grab. After beautifying this lampshade, I turned to a pair of unfinished wood craft picture frames I had in my stash-o-crafts (what FH has dubbed my ever-growing section of our front closet).

Figuring these would find a nice home in our living room, with my new happily-yellow accents, I sprayed the two frames with Krylon Bright Idea.

I was not thrilled with the way the spray paint covered the frames (I used primer, and put on several coats- but just was not getting the coverage I wanted). So I slapped on some of my Folk Art Medium Yellow craft paint for a brighter finish.

Next- to stencil. I chose two different patterns, and used Folk Art white craft paint. Again, this required patience, which is always a struggle for me. I like instant gratification. Just ask my FH how”patiently” I awaited our engagement. *Cough*

Anyway, I carefully placed my stencil several times to get my repeated pattern. With the circular stencil (the same dotty-circle stencil I used on my lampshade) I alternated between painting the entire circle and the just the inside parts. I think these little babies turned out super cool.

Gosh yellow is just SO happy!

Not wanting to take away from the prettiness of the stencils with actual pictures, I printed out our first initials in yellow onto white cardstock.


What do you think? I have not found a home for these frames yet, as I’m waiting on a few larger pieces of the living room to come together first. But I love them!

P.S. I know what you are thinking… where is Emma’s initial & frame? I only had two so the little pup-princess was left out this time. But I’ll make it up to her. Besides, her silhouette art is twice the size of FH’s and mine… so I think we are even!

What have you painted lately? And what is your favorite decorating color these days?

(p.s. notice how I ask questions like people are actually reading and/or going to answer me? I’ll just keep on asking away… and creating imaginary answers in my head!)

A Lesson in Hanging Things

Remember how proud I was of my little Monogram Wall Art created after a particularly lovely Saturday at the craft store? It found a home on the door to our coat closet, and was a nice touch to our living room. FH loved it, and my future in-laws (FILs?) admired it as well.

I’m not sure if this was some don’t-make-crafts-with-your-future-monogram-until-you’re-really-married-and-have-changed-your-name karma, or just poor hanging technique on my part, but either way my little frame spontaneously fell from it’s nail in the middle of dinner last night.

Sad face.

I hope it is not future-last-name-related karma, or my L.L.Bean tote bag initialed with my future initials may meet a similar fate…

(p.s. this tote holds EVERYTHING.)

The frame broke- however the burlap-covered glass piece & letter remained intact and well-glued.

No matter- I’ve been jonesing to return to Michael’s anyway, so I guess I’ll just have to swing by this week & pick up another frame, then simply pop the glass out and stick it in a new frame (after I paint it white- the original frame was a black oval).

Then, I will hang it ‘properly’, as FH says I put the nail in wrong. How many ways are there to hammer a nail into a door? Apparently a wrong and a right way, at the very least.

As long as I hammer the new nail in with my trusty pink hammer, I’m sure it will hold this time.

(My pink hammer & screwdriver have been with me since my college days. Once I installed a window air conditioner all by myself, in a third floor/oddly shaped bedroom window on a 90 degree plus day in late July. Impressive, I know.)

Saturday at the Craft Store

This past Saturday morning rolled around with no obligations until 4PM. It was like Christmas in March. There is nothing that I love more than a relaxing weekend. I even had a semi-break from grad school homework, which usually hangs like black cloud over my weekends.

We slept in (sort of- getting up at 8:45 doesn’t really qualify as “sleeping in”, but it is so much better than 6AM). I could have slept longer, except our terror of an Australian Terrier was wide awake. And when Emma is awake, everyone is awake. She has a very unique way of waking us up when she wants to go to the yard. She stands right next to my sleeping head… and stares. She doesn’t bark, or climb on me. She just stands there and stares at my face. Trust me- that feeling of being watched is just uncomfortable enough to wake you from a deep Saturday morning slumber. Sure enough- I opened my eyes on Saturday morning to find Emma’s nose about 2 inches away from my face.

Sometimes I wonder what she is thinking when she stands there staring like that. What are you plotting, Emma? A plan to trick me into leaving my closet door & laundry basket unattended? Or are you plotting to murder me for the insurance money? Good luck with that one, little dog… if you take out your parents you will quickly find out that new owners will likely be MUCH less generous with the treat jar.

She looks innocent enough...but owner, beware.

Either way- we were up. No worries- 8:45 on a Saturday morning with nothing to do until 4PM is lovely. We ordered breakfast from the diner, which we NEVER have time to do, and lounged around the house for a couple of hours watching DVR-ed episodes of The Daily Show & Colbert Report.

Around noon, it hit. The crafting bug! I had time to spare, and now that our town has a Michael’s Craft store my crafting moods are easily abated.

This time I went to Michael’s with a few projects in mind.

#1- a wedding-related craft I knew I needed to practice to get perfect, so I wanted to start early. No internet deets until post-wedding!

#2- spraying things with chalkboard paint. Is this a real project? No. More like an experiment that could lead to future projects. Either way- chalkboard paint comes as spray paint & is therefore locked up at Michael’s to prevent young hooligans from “huffing”. Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans, anyone?

Anyway, I had a salesperson unlock the cabinet for me, but I was not allowed to carry the spray paint with me in my basket. It was placed up at the register for me, and naturally I completely forgot about it while checking out & impulse-shopping the magazines by the register. A new magazine all about wedding flowers? Yes please.

Alas, chalkboard painting fun will have to wait.

#3- the materials need to create this little piece of decor I stumbled across here.

Lovely, yes?

While I do anticipate bringing my own little rustic-framed-monogram to use for wedding decor, it will also be on display on my house (I’m not sure where, yet, between now and then.

Somehow I managed to spend close to $100 at Michael’s… but I sure enjoyed a weekend of fun crafting!

My framed monogram was very easy to make.

I purchased a wooden letter ‘C’, a round frame (I couldn’t find a white one, unfortunately, so I bought a black one and painted it white), and some burlap-looking fabric. (It wasn’t really burlap, but I need a real fabric store to stock up on my burlap & fun fabric supplies.)

I painted the frame and the wooden letter with white paint, and then attached the fabric around the glass insert from the frame. (I used a hot glue gun).

Once everything dried, I put it all together (gluing the letter right into the center of the fabric-covered-glass).

I propped it up in a little plate stand- but I’m not sure where this will go yet. Possibly on our door?

The original is ‘weathered’ a bit, which I may decide to do to this later. For now, though, I am enjoying the simplicity of the white & burlap colors. P.S. This is not my current last initial, but my future last initial! Should I have waited to celebrate my new name through crafting? I think not!


Post Update: I’m sharing this little project over at Young House Love today as part of the Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition! I am SO inspired by the amazing DIY projects taking place all over the blogisphere!

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