DIY Pinwheels for Memorial Day

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend – I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have a few days *truly* off  – I’ve made a pact with myself to put off work for a few days and focus on things that make me happy – like spending quality time with my husband, crafting & decorating in the home, and catching up with my DVR. So last night, while watching episodes of Veep (I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus!), I made these fun & patriotic pinwheels to decorate our flower pots for Memorial Day!


There is something so charming about pinwheels – they are simple and sweet, and they remind me of childhood summer days, barbeques & bare feet.


Pinwheels are very easy to make, and I’ve seen them featured in weddings, showers & summer soirees for a lovely DIY touch!


To make your own (spinning!) pinwheels, you will need:

Paper – you can use construction paper, scrapbook paper, or other craft paper. Double-sided paper would be best, but I used what I already had in my craft supplies.

Dowels/Sticks of some kind – you can use wooden dowels, popsicle sticks, chopsticks, pencils – whatever your heart desires! I used lollipop sticks – which can be found in the baking section of Michaels/craft stores. Again, I was working with what I had!

Decorative Pins – you can use wire cutters to cut the sharp point off your pins for safety!

Small Beads – the beads are the secret to making a spinning pinwheel!

Scissors, A Ruler, A Thumbtack, & Glue and/or Tape

1) Use your thumbtack to push a hole all the way through your dowel/popsicle stick. (If you are using wooden dowels, you may need to use a drill & small drill bit for this step!)


2) Cut your paper into a square. I made pinwheels that were 8×8 and 4×4.


3) Using your ruler, draw lines diagonally across your paper from corner to corner. Use your lines as a guide and cut from each corner in towards the center, stopping about 1/2 to 1 inch before the center. Use your thumbtack to pre-poke holes in every other corner of your four triangles.

4) Place one teeny bead onto your pin, followed by a small square of paper (decorative/contrasting color).

5) Carefully bring each pre-holed corner in towards the center onto the pin, moving clockwise until four corners are through the pin. Push the pin through the center of the paper (where your two lines mark an X).

6) Place another bead on the other side of the paper, and then thread your pin through the hole in your dowel.


7) Use a pair of pliers to bend the pin down at a 90 degree angle, and use clear tape to secure it to the dowel.


Your end result will be a lovely spinning pinwheel!


I do not have much in the way of red, white & blue decor out for Memorial Day, but now I have these lovely, spinning little pinwheels to decorate the flower pots on our front stairs. It is exceptionally windy today, so after taking pictures of my creations, I had to bring the pinwheels in so that they didn’t spin away. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a bit more forgiving, so I can deck the staircase out for Memorial Day!


What are you up to this weekend? I hope you’re enjoying whatever it is you’re doing!