Photo Book [Part 2]

After sharing my stenciled & striped metallic gold books (DIY-ed in a flash using some plain white hardcover books & metallic gold craft paint), I just had to give you a glimpse of the completed L + T photo book filled with my Printstagram squares!

As soon as the paint dried, I happily set to work filling our initialed memory book with some of my favorite Instagram pics from our wedding day & the day before/day after, printed on lovely 4×4 inch weighted paper (with a pretty matte finish).

I used clear photo corners (simple little corner stickies that you can find at any crafting store/online) to secure the squares – which will allow me to switch pictures around or replace them with new ones on a whim!

I included a few photos in the back of the book from our “Sandymoon” – my name for our little jaunt in Valley Forge, PA, where we spent a few days soaking up electricity & heat while our hometown went without power for 9 days after Hurricane Sandy (our planned honeymoon had to be canceled!) Talk about a memory!

I’m so happy with this sweet little book filled of wedding and wedding-weekend photos. It’s compact & portable, so we could easily carry it around to share the pics with our friends/coworkers/etc., who are anxious to see wedding pictures. It is a great way to hold them (and me) over until we have all of our photos back from the big day!

Plus, it looks pretty on our end or console table, where it can live for a while so that I can ooh and aah over our great big love-fest wedding day whenever I want!

Speaking of wedding photos- any ideas out there for fun & creative ways to display your favorite pics from the big day? We were fortunate enough to be given some beautiful frames as wedding gifts, that I can’t wait to fill with the amazing photos taken by our photography dream team, but I’d love suggestions for other ways to enjoy the pictures long after the day is over!



Remember how I gushed about my love for Instagram & filtered photos?

One of my wedding DIY projects through the lens of Instagram + my iPhone 5!

Well I recently discovered Printstagram – an awesome service that creates beautiful prints & other items straight out of your Instagram feed.

You can order adorable little books (like the Minibook & the Tinybook), stickers, and even calendars for you ‘gramin fiends with 365 or more Instagram pics! (I’m not there yet, but love the idea!). Check out all of the products for yourself. (FYI- this post is not sponsored by Prinstagram – or anyone – just sharing my appreciation for these services & products!)

I opted for the Squares – a simple way to print your Instagram pics on nicely weighted paper with a matte finish & a clean white border.

One of my favorite photos from our wedding night- snapped by my new husband when we returned to our room to our loving pup!

You can’t beat the price- $12 for either 24 Squares or 48 Mini Squares. I ordered 24 of my favorite photos (mostly wedding pics – including some of the gorgeous shots taken by my amazing photogs shared by me via Instagram!)

(As if you can’t tell from the pink sash) this ‘gram of me & my two best friends is from my Bachelorette night!

The squares are 4×4″. And yes, my ruler offers fire prevention tips. An old giveaway, I suppose! 🙂

The pictures arrived super fast- in under a week. What a lovely little package to come home to!

That cutie pie in the sand is my darling nephew!

I loved them so much, I promptly went to my computer to order some more! I’ve got some ideas for ways to display & gift these pretty little prints!

Thanks, Prinstagram!

Addicted to the ‘Gram

One of my resolutions for the upcoming new year is to spend some time taking classes & following photography blogs to learn a bit about the art of taking that perfect picture.

In the meantime, Instagram does a great job of making me feel like a “photographer”. There is something about adding your go-to filter to your latest pics to get that artsy vibe flowing. (What’s your favorite filter? I love Amaro &  Brannan the most, this week anyway).

One of my last-minute details on the wedding day was to throw some chalkboards around our location asking our guests to use a special hashtag (#timandlaura2012) on all of their tweets & ‘grams.

While my grandparents probably had no idea what we were talking about, it was so fun to check the tag the next day and see the little pieces of our wedding shared by friends & family members.

(I took this picture the morning after- overnight rain made the chalk run a bit. You get the gist, though!)

Since I am *literally* salivating at the thought of receiving all of our photos from our rock star photographers, these Instagram pics have been staving my appetite for the past couple of weeks. Here are some of my favorites- through the lens (and filter-of-choice) of my iPhone & some of our wedding guests.

Remember my DIY Love Bunting?

Our Signature Drink

Vowing it Up.

Me & Emma

Our DIY sign pointing the way to the fire pit! (signs made by my Dad & painted by one of our close friends!)

Me & Hubby, the morning after.

Drying my bouquet the next day!

That’s just a taste of the Instagram-ed view of our day- I love re-living it in photos!

Happy Memorial Day!

We packed up some bags & our little bean and took a drive to Lancaster, PA for the weekend.

We stayed at a great pet-friendly hotel, the Best Western Eden Resort. Emma got to go for walks & see some new sights, we got to spend a day by the pool (& some cash at the outlets).

Some Instagram pics from the weekend:

Amish Country

I broke in my birthday bag ~ felt very spoiled and glamorous.

Poolside bliss.


Monday Motivation will return next week. Enjoying the rest of my day off today!
What did you do this weekend? Was it hot & summery where you are? We are pushing 90 today!