Doable DIY // Put Stickers on Things

These sweet Martha Stewart flower stickers (maybe the grown-up word is “embellishments”?) were marked down to $1.99 at Michael’s. Clearly I could not pass up something this lovely!


I decided to use them to add some charm to a few everyday objects around the house.


This plain, cork pencil cup got a makeover with some pink baker’s twine & a sticker.


I wish I could remember where I got those pencils – I would guess Michael’s but I’m not sure. I love them.


And I applied the same twine & sticker treatment to a glass vase holding some peonies. (Isn’t peony season just the best ever?)


I got the flowers at my local grocery store. I plan to steal loads of peonies from my mother’s garden when I visit home this weekend, so watch out, Mom!


I love these stickers. I want about seven hundred more to stick to every boring object in my house.


Totally doable, right?

Have you found anything amazingly lovely for a bargain at your local craft store lately? Are you digging the peonies, or do you have a different favorite flower of the season?


It’s Who You Make Your Cookies With

Before I begin this post, I’d like to share a disclaimer: My mother, father, grandparents, brothers & I have been making Christmas cookies for decades with great success. I come from a long line of Christmas-cookie-bakers. We take a day or two every December to come together (as many of us as are around) to whip up batches of our family standards – Chocolate Chip Cookies, Butter Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Roll-Outs & Spritzes, among others. Every year we make cookies, every year they are delicious.

This year, we tried to make made cookies. It may (or may not) have gone exactly as planned. We may (or may not) have had a few disastrous trays of Butter & Chocolate Chip cookies for inexplicable reasons (It was definitely my brother’s fault). Suffice it to say, this post will not include photos of perfectly baked Christmas cookies.

recipeA well used & loved recipe for my Mommom’s Butter Cookies. Any recipe that calls for two sticks of butter is sure to be a win.

It really doesn’t matter, though. It’s not about how the cookies come out, it’s who you make your cookies with. (This explanation got me off the hook when I came home with less than the expected multiple tins-full of cookies for my hubby to snack on).

pbakingMy lovely sister-in-law carefully measuring ingredients – clearly she is innocent in this debacle.

I love going home at Christmas time and admiring/oogling over my mother’s huge collection of beautiful holiday decorations. I love the Sunday in December when we get together to bake & happily make plans for the upcoming holiday. This past Sunday, after an especially trying week and the unbelievably horrific events of Friday – I loved it even more. Even though my drive to Pennsylvania & then back to New Jersey was dreary and rainy. Even though my brother ruined the chocolate chip cookies our cookies were less-than-adequate-for-human-consumption.

bakingBaking is a group effort in our home. The culprit is the one wielding the cookie gun.

Time with family is a treasure.

momandmommomMy mother, and her mother, decorating the butter cookies.

Decorating butter cookies with your grandmother is a blessing, and must never be taken for granted.

mommomcookiesThe more sugar the better, I say.

Knowing that within the next week we will truly all be together – when our Californian contingent flies home for the holiday – is reason to celebrate.

I love Christmas. I always have. I cannot help but be extra-aware of how lucky I am this Christmas – to be surrounded by family, to be spending my first Christmas married to a man who makes me laugh & loves me for all of my quirks and flaws, and to have my very own Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer so I can make some more cookies that my brother won’t be able to ruin to share with friends & family. 🙂

P.S. After I left, my family continued baking and suddenly all the cookies came out great. Either I was the true culprit, and blaming my little brother is unfair, or they were actually just holding out on me so they could hoard all the GOOD cookies for themselves. I choose the latter option, what do you think?

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle!

In case you haven’t noticed (based on this, this, & this), I have been on a bit of a gold kick lately. There is something about Christmas that just makes me scream out for shimmery, glitzy, metallic gold. It is actually rather odd, because the rest of the year I would say I am more of a silver girl. But once the local radio station starts playing 24 hour Christmas music, and the houses on our street begin to light up like landing strips with all of the Christmas lights, the inner diva/jersey girl/lover-of-all-things-sparkly in me takes over and it is gold-gold-gold all the way!


So today I see you, gold, and raise you one jar of… glitter!

Playing with Crafting with glitter is probably one of the messiest most enjoyable pastimes. Upon getting the ‘glitter itch’, I grabbed a couple plain white candles, some glue, and a big jar of glitter.

In an attempt to tame the glitter & keep it where I intended it to be, I taped off the tops & bottoms of my candles, then lathered them up in glue & rolled them in a big pile of gold glitter.

It was like being a child again.

Yes, it made a bit of a mess. But after the glue dried, the glitter-fied candles have held up remarkably well. A quick spritz with hairspray would help to keep everything in place, too, but I haven’t found that necessary yet.

Oh, and the project didn’t cost anything, since I already had the candles & the glitter!

How have you added some sparkle to your holiday decorating?


Monday Motivation #20

For today, just a few things that are making me smile:

Cure For Homesickness ~ My parent’s lovely front porch all decked out for fall. (And for my second bridal shower – details on that to come this week!)

For a Brighter Home ~ This lovely little mason jar arrangement from Whole Foods (gifted to me by my future mother in law!)

For a Laugh ~ The little Phillies-Fan Gnome I left in my mother’s garden while home. Little family joke. 🙂

I hope you are having a great Monday & that you have little thing in life that make you smile, too!

A Minute in the Morning

This morning I feel like one of those put-together women in the commercials, who have time for yoga, a cup of coffee, and breakfast eaten sitting-down… and not sitting in the car.

After forcing myself out of bed to head to a 5:15AM Spin Class, which hopefully will become a new routine of mine, I came home a little after 6AM and found myself facing TWO ENTIRE HOURS before I would have to leave for work. I’m not a very good sleeper, and so mornings often hit me hard, and I hit the snooze a couple (or more) times before getting out of bed with just enough time to race around getting ready & take my coffee and breakfast to go. Let me tell you- this alternative is kind of amazing.

I enjoyed a delicious (and healthy) breakfast of non-fat vanilla greek yogurt, fresh fruit, & a sprinkling of oats & honey granola. YUM to the YUM-IZZLE.

I sat down – AT MY TABLE – and drank a delicious mug of iced coffee while browsing the pages of the new Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Heaven.

What’s better than drinking iced coffee from a mason jar? Drinking from a mason jar with a handle! I LOVE these mugs from Pottery Barn- one of our favorite wedding gifts yet! (Thanks Tony & Liz!)

It’s been a blissful morning. The fact that I had time to do all of this… and blog about it… is sort of blowing my mind. The only thing that could make this morning better is if I were transported to a deck overlooking the ocean somewhere. Someday!

My coffee of choice was pumpkin flavor from Dunkin Donuts… Fall is coming! 🙂

Have a great day! ❤