New Workspace // Finishing Touches

For those of you following along with me as I took a cluttered & underused part of our bedroom and transformed it into a colorful & inspirational workspace & reading nook: I’m calling it done!

We went from here:


To here!

FinishedOfficeI organized like crazy, shredding & tossing old paperwork and delegating some items to the “garage sale pile”, so that I could de-clutter the room. My important paperwork is neatly sorted in the file box to the left of the desk, and I switched out the boring black filing cart for a pretty new bookcase from Target’s new Threshold line (Carson 2-shelf Bookcase).

ReadingNookThe sight of that organized bookcase practically makes me giddy. I SO hope to keep it looking this nice! I’ve already spent a few peaceful afternoons lounging in this little reading nook, which gets great sunlight. Recovering that chair in pretty new fabric was the inspiration I needed to turn this room into a place I could enjoy just as much as our living room.

BookshelfOn top of the bookcase are a few fun items – a daily journal I’ve been attempting to keep, a ceramic white mason jar (purchased at The Farmhouse Store) filled with burlap flowers that I made back when I was experimenting with wedding ideas, and a pretty shadowbox (West Elm).

ShadowboxInside are the flowers I wore in my hair on my wedding day, along with the note that came with the beautiful bouquet of flowers my husband sent to me, and an Instagram shot of a fortune cookie slip.

FinishedRoomSince my last progress post, where I talked about the Martha Stewart Wall Organizing System and the artwork on the right hand wall, as well as the gorgeous Laura Trevey watercolors above the desk, I’ve added three more pieces of art in a set of matching 8×8 frames.


(Side note – I am terrible at getting good photos of hanging artwork – there’s always a glare on the glass! Argh!) Anyway, the top row on this wall now features two prints that we bought at IKEA several years ago – the bird & the leaves, and a new piece in the middle that I am completely in love with.

photo (7)If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my ‘gram of this awesome print from Penelope & Pip – “Our Love Song“. I love this illustration for SO many reasons.  I love that she is playing the tuba (or baritone?) – I played both. And I’m not ashamed. I love the sentiment, “our love song is the best love song ever” – especially because when it comes to me & the hubs, our “love song” is a semi-hilarious inside joke. (And our second love song, which we danced to at our wedding, makes me tear up every time!)

photo (8)

I loved this print when I ordered it. Upon receiving it, I loved it even more. Penelope & Pip is such a fantastic blog & shop. I love all of Rachael‘s posts, wise words, and the images she’s been sharing on the interwebs from her recent wedding. She’s SUCH a talented & creative artist! I’m more than a little bit obsessed. And when this lovely print arrived with it’s cute little card featuring a shout-out to Joni Mitchell, my lifelong female musician crush/addiction, I was forever hooked. You’ve got a new but loyal fan over her, Rachael!

The last little touch that helped to bring the whole space together was adding some fabric underneath the glass top on this desk.

FabricDesktopThe fabric is Claridge Jacquard Moon Power, and I simply cut a piece (using my measuring mat/fabric cutter) and placed it under the protective glass top of the desk. If you missed it, here is a description of all my fun office/desk supplies that live in easy-access position out on the desk.

CalendarAnd just today I added my favorite calendar (an office essential!) to the wall – from Curly Girl Designs. April is my birthday-month, and I am completely in love with the April design!

Overall I am thrilled with the improvements to this space – and I can see lots of productive & creative work sessions in my future!

What’s On My Desk

As I continue to make progress in my home workspace, going from a cluttered-and-never-used portion of our master bedroom to inviting-and-attractive-workspace, I’ve found a workable arrangement for all of the office supplies I want close at hand on my desktop.

WorkspaceProgress2Here’s where we were when we last left off – lots of pretty art on the walls – including those gorgeous Laura Trevey watercolor prints, some fun & useful hanging storage made from drawer organizers, and all of my essentials neatly displayed upon the desk.

DeskLeft1On the left I’ve got a fun giant paperclip ($2-ish from Michael’s) holding one of my favorite Printstagrams  (a nice matte finish 4×4 print of an Instagram shot of me & the hubs in Valley Forge), and a birthday card from my mother from at least 5 or 6 years ago, which I’ve kept and loved for ever. Those twig colored pencils are just too cute to put in a drawer, and the standing IKEA frame is featuring a great new Flapperdoodle print I purchased from the über talented & adorable Kate Gabrielle of Scathingly Brilliant!

RightofDeskOn the right hand side, I’ve got a three-tier file organizer (I think it came from Target three or four years ago) which holds current bills-to-be-paid and mail-to-be-sorted. Sitting on top is a rubber stamped catch-all box (currently filled with a collection of colored clothespins) and a second Flapperdoodle print. The stacked wooden shelves are the spare pieces from the expandable drawer organizer I hung on my wall – waste not, want not – right?

DeskCaddyThey are perfect for holding greeting cards, a jar full of washi tape, and my lovey-dovey return address stamp (which I used for easy mailing of wedding thank you cards!).

DeskCenterAcross the back of the desk are a few more essentials – pencil sharpener, tape, LOADS of paperclips. Can’t have too much pink office supplies, in my opinion! Those little glass jars are from Michael’s – they were on clearance and I happily grabbed the 2 & 7 to represent our anniversary date (October 27th). #2 is filled with thumbtacks (plain, boring thumbtacks – not the pretty flowery pins I made for my inspiration board), and clearly #7 is holding a bunch of colorful pens!

DeskI love this colorful and organized workspace – it’s so ME and so conducive to productivity & creativity! What essentials or bits of inspiration do YOU need to keep close at hand while you work?

My Workspace // Progress

Last week, half of our bedroom looked like this:

messyroomThe desk was a hand-me-down from my husband’s parents, and is a super nice, sturdy piece of furniture that I just can’t bring myself to get rid of – even though it isn’t quite my style. But style or no, this desk has not been a usable workspace for a long, long time. It has pretty much been a dumping ground for anything and everything (although it doesn’t look quite this messy on a daily basis, this picture was taken after I unloaded & removed a big bookcase that just wasn’t working for me (it’s headed to our next garage sale) – so the desk is covered in some books & random items that had lived on that bookcase.

I wanted to re-work my desk area, to make it not only usable, but an attractive & inspirational workspace for me to sit and do school work, blogging, etc. I also wanted to create an inviting reading nook in the corner where I have my newly DIY-ed re-upholstered chair, since that space gets great sunlight.

So I’ve been busily working for days – filling garbage bags, re-thinking my desk & filing system, re-organizing books and binders full of music and school materials, crafting some solutions (like my drawer-organizers-turned-shelves), and hanging pretty artwork.

By Sunday, the room looked like this:

progressandnotesNearly completed, but still too cluttered. I also wanted a replacement for that very officey-looking filing cart. But I am IN LOVE with my newly decorated walls.

workspaceThe fun new ‘shelves’ are great for stashing craft & office supplies, and the white organizer is a collection of pieces from Martha Stewart’s Wall Manager office organization line. The interchangeable pieces are customizable for your office needs. I’ve got a magnetic white board (featuring my two-cute-for words nephew & my brother’s save the date!) and a file folder for pertinent items (like paperwork for all of my name-changing steps on credit cards, passport, etc.), a ‘clip & lock’ caddy and clips for coupons & reminders.

MSWallOrganizerAbove this organization-zone are some of my favorite pieces of art – both of which I’ve had since I was in college, traveling with me to all of my different homes. The cheerful flower arrangement is a Picasso print that makes me smile all day long, and the smaller print is one of my favorites – a Brian Andreas StoryPeople piece that reminds me to take pleasure in letting go every now and then.

BrianAndreasMy desk is sporting lots of fun desk-type stuff. (I am seriously in. love. with office supplies. As in, I dream about a Christmas stocking full of binder clips and post-it notes.)

WorkspaceProgress2I’ll show you what’s going on on the desktop in more detail later this week. But how amazing are those two watercolor prints hanging above my desk? I snagged those from Joss & Main a few weeks back – mostly because they made me think of springtime & happiness. They are by the super talented Laura Trevey of Bright, Bold and Beautiful, an amazing blog full of fantastic ideas for home decorating. You can add some of her beautiful work to your own home by checking out her Etsy shop! (I am particularly in love with this Essie nail polish painting & this seafoam green watercolor crab).

DeskWallI love the cheery colors of these beauties. They are just what I needed to make this space fresh & inviting. Adding to the inspiration are the photos and things pinned up to my bulletin board (the edge of which I covered in washi tape).

BulletinBoard2I love looking up from my desk to pictures of family, friends, and naturally, my hubba hubs. A little Audrey Hepburn doesn’t hurt when you’re in need of inspiration, either – and that is a square canvas print found at Michael’s for $1. Score. The Washi Tape Initial C was an easy project, and the map is a drawing of the historical grist mill turned B&B where the hubs & I tied the knot.

So progress has surely been made – and there’s even more to come! See you soon!

Repurposed Drawer Organizers as Shelves

I love finding new and creative uses for everyday things. One of my goals for the makeover of my bedroom workspace/reading nook was to put something up on my empty walls. I had loads of prints waiting to be framed and hung, but I was in the market for something that could serve a dual purpose – look pretty on my wall, but also provide some storage and/or organizational purpose. When I came across these bamboo drawer organizers at TJ Maxx – for under $15 for the pair – I knew I’d found what I was looking for!

DrawerOrganizersThe smaller piece is one of those ‘expandable’ drawer organizers – but I pulled off the two expandable pieces. I used some grey geometric patterned shelf paper that I had on hand to line the cubbies in the smaller one, and left the pretty wood finish untouched in the larger one. You could have loads of fun with paint, paper, etc. to personalize something like this for yourself. Both of these drawers have a small lip on the bottom/back – which was perfect for hanging them on two nails up on the wall – and boom! Just like that, I had fun little shelves!

ShelfPaperAt first I wasn’t sure I wanted to hang the two shelves together, so I experimented with the smaller one and filled it with some makeup products.

HangingOrganizerI loved how adorable this looked, but ultimately decided to use both of my new shelves in my desk/workspace area.

DrawerShelvesI’ve filled them up with a variety of office and craft supplies – like washi tape, ribbon, pencils and clothespins. The jar holding the flowered pencils is a spice jar – the perfect size for the shallow shelves in the utensil drawer. The two little baby jars with white lids were at one time filled with honey (leftover favors from my bridal shower), and now are redecorated with ribbon and filled with thumbtacks & tags. The row of bakers twine is my favorite part of the whole setup. I’ve had that collection of multi-colored string in my craft closet for months, and I was so excited to find a way to display/dispense it so that I can have easier access!
TrayDrilledUsing a 1/4 inch drill bit, the hubs & I drilled two holes into the bottom partition of the utensil organizer. You can see the pencil marking guides that I made, as I measured specific placement for the dowel to line up with the holes in the twine spools.

BakersTwineI can pull the dowel from either end to take out an individual color, or just dispense the string right from the wall.

LabledDrawerShelfIt took almost no time at all to update both of these shelves, and the possibilities are pretty much endless for storage & decorating options!

Shelf3Here’s how they fit into my workspace area – which I’ll be sharing more details from in the days to come!
Workspace1What have you been up to around the house lately? Spring cleaning fever has definitely hit for me – I’ve been so motivated to organize & redecorate these past few weeks!

DIY Flower Pushpins



Happy Monday everyone! Here’s a super easy DIY to start your week:Tacks5

This sweet little project was sort of an afterthought as I was working on my little workspace area (a progress update on its way this week!). I had four packets of these little plastic flower embellishments with my crafting supplies, which I purchased several months ago on clearance at Michael’s. I don’t remember exactly how much they cost, but definitely in the 1-2 dollar range per set.

ThumbtacksThis really cannot count as an actual “DIY project” – because I literally took a few of these little flowers, backed with self-adhesive glue,  and stuck them to some gold thumbtacks.

tacks2They seem to be holding quite well, however if the glue ever loosened, I could easily reattach the flowers with my hot glue gun.

Tacks4I think they’re awesome – just a teensy little touch of pretty on the bulletin board I’ve placed above my desk. Why use plain, boring old thumbtacks when they can easily be pretti-fied!


I so wish that I’d had the time to do something like this for my escort card display at our wedding. I had decided to trash the display I originally created the day before our big day, and then quickly grabbed a bulletin board and some clear pushpins at Staples for an alternative display method. Too bad we can’t go back and have a re-do!

BulletinBoardI hope you add some pretty to your workspace/life today!