A Christmas Crafternoon + A Crafty Giveaway!

I hope you all had an amazing, food & family filled Thanksgiving! I sure did – and to help ring in the holidays, the hubby and I had a Christmas decorating marathon on Thanksgiving night (all while watching a Muppet Christmas Carol – my favorite holiday movie 🙂


On Saturday, I hosted a little holiday crafting party for some of my girlfriends. I called it a Christmas “Crafternoon”, and had a blast planning and prepping the projects, food and drink for our festive gathering.


I started decorating really early this year – a week and a half before Thanksgiving – in order to have the house ready for the party. I’ll be back later this week with a little house tour of this year’s decorations! In the meantime, here are some pics from the crafting party.


We made mason jar snow globes, mini boxwood wreaths, scalloped felt & burlap trees, and burlap ornaments. I crammed a lot of crafting into one afternoon!


It was so much fun to see everyone get their creative juices flowing, and put their own twists on each project. I think we all inspired each other!


How awesome is this rustic mini boxwood wreath made by my girl Molly?


And here is my beautiful friend Tiffany modeling her pretty wreath adorned with a bow!


One of my favorite things about blogging is sharing with, connecting to & learning from all of you readers, bloggers & friends in the blogosphere. It sure would have been nice to invite ALL of you over to my place to eat yummy snacks, sip delicious hot spiced rum cider, and craft the day away. But, since my apartment barely held 8 of us yesterday, that would likely have been disastrous!

STILL, to spread the crafty love & express my gratitude to all of you lovely readers out there, I want to give away a crafting kit full of all the supplies you need to make the projects you see here today!


One lucky winner will receive a fun-filled box packed with the materials needed to make:

2 mini boxwood wreaths

1 Mason Jar Snow Globe

2 Scalloped Felt Trees

4 Burlap Ornaments

In addition to the supplies, I will include instructions for each project (plus you’ll be able to check back here for posts on each one that I will put up in the next couple of weeks).

Then you can use your homemade goodies to decorate your house, gift to friends and family, or make with a friend!


The giveaway closes December 8th at 11:59pm. Just follow the link below for easy entry.


One winner will be selected at random and contacted on December 9th for mailing details. Good luck, and have a great rest of the weekend!

Giveaway Terms: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability. Winner(s) will be contacted by email 48 hours after the giveaway ends.


DIY Mason Jar Snowglobes

With loads of mason jars left over from the wedding, I was so excited to attempt making some pretty winter snow globes. I made two varieties, an *actual* snow globe filled with water, and a fake version that looks just as lovely.


For the fake, non-water filled snow type, I used:

Mason Jars w/ lidsSmall artificial pine trees (these two green & snowy trees came from the Dept. 56 collection sold at Michaels)

Fake snow-glitter

Hot Glue Gun

Snow-Tex (an awesome putty/paint that looks like snow)


Using a hot glue gun (which is sufficient when there is no water involved) I attached my trees to the lids of two mason jars. I glued a little of the artificial snow to the bottom of the lid.


Using a foam pouncer, I applied Snow-Tex to the top & bottom of the jars, creating a wintery-effect. The Snow-Tex created a super cool texture & semi-translucent look, which I love.

I then put a dash or two of snow flakes into the jar, attached the lid, and had myself a pair of Anthropologie-esque Mason Jar Snow Globes!


After a bit of research, and help from this tutorial, I learned that attempting to put water into the jars with these dyed green trees would turn the water green after some time. So for my attempt at a true Snow Globe, I used these bare branch trees from Dept. 56. (I have some white sisal trees I may attempt to use next).

For this version, I attached the trees with super glue & let the glue dry for 24 hours before adding water. Following the instructions on Martha’s tutorial, I then filled the jar with distilled water (found at a pharmacy) and a dash of Glycerine (I found some in the baking aisle at Michaels).


In went some gold glitter, on went the top, and a true hours-of-flipping-fun snow globe was born!


My artificial globes look pretty in a gold tray on our coffee table, mixed in with candles & some sprigs of pine from our tree.


And the water-filled globe found a home in a bookshelf in our living room, paired with a cheery red bird & one of my DIY-ed glitter candles.


In other news, an old friend & lovely lady named Caitie won my Very Gift-able Giveaway! Your package is on its way to your door, Caitie! Thank you to everyone who entered!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Hubby & I are headed to the city with friends for a day packed with Rockettes, good food & holiday fun!



‘Tis the Season to Sparkle!

In case you haven’t noticed (based on this, this, & this), I have been on a bit of a gold kick lately. There is something about Christmas that just makes me scream out for shimmery, glitzy, metallic gold. It is actually rather odd, because the rest of the year I would say I am more of a silver girl. But once the local radio station starts playing 24 hour Christmas music, and the houses on our street begin to light up like landing strips with all of the Christmas lights, the inner diva/jersey girl/lover-of-all-things-sparkly in me takes over and it is gold-gold-gold all the way!


So today I see you, gold, and raise you one jar of… glitter!

Playing with Crafting with glitter is probably one of the messiest most enjoyable pastimes. Upon getting the ‘glitter itch’, I grabbed a couple plain white candles, some glue, and a big jar of glitter.

In an attempt to tame the glitter & keep it where I intended it to be, I taped off the tops & bottoms of my candles, then lathered them up in glue & rolled them in a big pile of gold glitter.

It was like being a child again.

Yes, it made a bit of a mess. But after the glue dried, the glitter-fied candles have held up remarkably well. A quick spritz with hairspray would help to keep everything in place, too, but I haven’t found that necessary yet.

Oh, and the project didn’t cost anything, since I already had the candles & the glitter!

How have you added some sparkle to your holiday decorating?


Gold Striped Candles

Here’s a quick little DIY craft I completed while enjoying a viewing of my all-time favorite Christmas movie, The Muppet Christmas Carol. I watch it two or three times every year, and it truly never gets old. I love me some Muppets.

Anyway, I already had these white taper candles & Martha Stewart’s Yellow Gold Metallic Finish craft paint on hand. (Same paint that I used on my stenciled photo books.)

I taped off stripes using masking tape, eyeballing the spaces – cause who’s perfect anyway?

I needed to apply several coats of paint to get a nice gold sheen.

I held my breath while taking off the tape- but it worked out!

I got a kick out of popping these dollar-store tapers into my beautiful new Mercury Glass Candlesticks from Pottery Barn (wedding gift- thanks Anthony, I know you’re reading! 🙂

How’s that for a quick Muppet-movie-watching craft? Talk about a double dose of happy! Now go watch the Muppet Christmas Carol, you’ll love it! 🙂