Love is a Journey

Four years ago, my little brother Michael flew from JFK International Airport to Sweden, where he would spend a semester teaching abroad at Jonkoping University. Little did we know that while he was thousands of miles away in Sweden, Michael would meet Priscila, a student from Lima, Peru, and his future wife!


Michael and Priscila racked up quite the airplane mileage over the course of their relationship – which was primarily a long-distance one for several years – visiting each others’ home countries and traveling together.


Priscila and Michael now live together here in the U.S. – working in the Philadelphia area and planning a July wedding that will take place in Lima, Peru! (I just bought my plane tickets and couldn’t be more excited!)

My mother and I teamed up to throw Priscila a SURPRISE bridal shower (which, for possibly the first time in the history of bridal showers, was a successful surprise)! For weeks I plotted & crafted in secret (which partially explains my absence from blog-o-land over the past month, as I couldn’t share anything I was working on for the shower). I’m a theme kinda girl, and so we went with a travel themed party, focused primarily on the couple’s international love story.


We used maps & globes, airplane travel & international mail as cornerstones for the overall theme, and paid special homage to four important locations for Mike & Priscila: The U.S. (primarily Philadelphia), Peru, Sweden, and France (the pair took a trip to Paris, France together, and so they attach special meaning to all things Parisian).


But beyond all the decorations and international food offerings, this party was really about celebrating Priscila – a beautiful and kind woman who has become an important member of our family, and an amazing new sister-in-law and friend to me. Living away from home has its challenges – my brothers and I have all traveled and moved to various places and countries – and while Priscila has built a lovely life in Pennsylvania with my brother, I know she misses her home and her family. And so our secret, special surprise was truly the highlight of the party – “sneaking” Mili, Priscila’s mother, into Philadelphia (where she spent the night before the shower at my parent’s house). When Priscila walked into her shower (which she believed to be a family birthday party, hence the flowers in my brother’s hand), amidst the shouts of surprise and the cheers from her new Pennsylvania family, her eyes went immediately to her mother – and this happened:



And then this:


And this.


It was a lovely day, and I have loads of details – things I crafted, things my mother & other relatives made, things Mili brought us from Peru, and things I made my father do – but they can wait until tomorrow. Today I want to focus on the real story of this travel-themed bridal shower: love. Go ahead and roll your eyes at all of my cheesiness. I don’t even care. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful day!