DIY Holiday Card Display

It’s that time of year, when the mailbox is filled each day with beautiful holiday cards from people far more organized and productive than me! I love getting holiday cards from friends and family members, mostly featuring adorable babies these days. I always try to come up with a fun new way to display our cards, and this year I created this rustic, painted wood holder!

DIY Holiday Card Display

This was something I completely threw together out of stuff I had lying around. I had some leftover pieces of 1×3 pine from another (secret gift!) Christmas project, and so I just grabbed one and gave it a quick coat of white paint.

photo 15

Then I painted the tops of some clothespins a nice holiday red, glued them to the wood (four inches apart) and hot glued some mini bottle brush trees to them!


I didn’t want all of my friend’s babies showing up on Pinterest someday without their knowledge, so I snapped the pic above with some non-photo cards (like my favorite postcards from Rifle Paper Co. seen below!)


In real life, however, you can picture this whole thing full of pretty families! A great reminder of all the wonderful people in our lives!

photo 23

What about you? How do you display your holiday cards? I’d love to hear about/see your ideas! And can you believe there are only 5 more days until Christmas! Oooh I am just getting so excited!!

DIY Garden Markers


Today’s DIY features the work of someone much more talented than me – the creative mastermind behind Rifle Paper Co., Anna Bond. I am pretty much obsessed with the gorgeous products that come from this husband & wife team (I have this iPhone case, and love to use their gorgeous gift wrap). I get so excited when I come across Rifle Paper Co. products in my favorite stores –  like recently Target & Pottery Barn! I came across the Homegrown Garden set of cards at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago (on sale!) and grabbed them, knowing they’d be perfect cards to use for people like my mother (I used the green wellies card in her Mother’s Day Gardening Gift Basket). Once I decided to plant myself some lil’ veggie seedlings, I decided these cards could help make perfect plant markers!


I had picked up a few of wooden sign/stakes from Michael’s a few weeks ago – I think they were $1.99 a piece. So I took two the vegetable medley card & the herbs card and cut out the adorable drawings of the vegetables in my container garden. You could use any plant images, or printed text of the plant names, that you’d like to create your own (or, if you have artistic ability – which I do not – you can draw/label them yourself!)


I painted the tops of the markers white. I then glued the pictures using Mod Podge – and finished the whole thing off with a coat of spray Mod Podge sealant.


The sealant will help protect them from the outdoor elements.


I am pretty much obsessed with these little markers – I think they are so adorable!


I still have a bunch of cards left from the set, and I saved the cards I cut in case I add more vegetables or herbs this season or next year. I’m so excited about my little vegetable seedlings – I can’t wait for the garden fresh tomatoes, peas & basil we will enjoy this summer!


DIY: Celebratory Wedding Flags

What is a natural response to hearing or seeing something awesome?


Photo credit: Focal Point Studios

The Hubby & I wanted our wedding to feel like “us”. And while that seems like a pretty standard thing for a bride & groom to want, I can certainly attest that at times, this can be harder than it would seem. The wedding industry is overwhelming. From the minute the ring hits the finger, newly engaged couples create an easy target for every wedding vendor out there. We noticed that it was very easy to get caught up in the hype of it all- and thanks to the internet, the wedding magazine rack, email lists, and even regular snail mail lists- we were practically beaten over the head every over-the-top wedding idea imaginable. In our case, hubby & I were relatively successful at keeping even heads throughout the process, and staying true to ourselves. I’ve been to absolutely breathtakingly beautiful weddings that were completely perfect for the bride and groom of the day- but would never have fit with our taste & vision of a down-to-earth & friendly affair. Thus the “Yay” flags were created, as a silly but adorable way for our guests to express their joy at our union! (Yes, I am assuming everyone present WAS joyful about our marriage 🙂

This little project was a bit last minute, but possibly one of my favorites. Inspired by this bride’s version, my own paper flags were a total breeze to make, and very inexpensive.

Materials Needed:

Construction Paper (I used orange paper cut to standard 8.5″ x 11″)

Scissors or paper cutter


3/16 inch diameter wooden dowels (12 inch)

Double-sided tape

Using Pages on my macbook, I spaced out six “Yay”s for one 8.5×11″ sheet of paper. I chose to go with orange construction paper (one of my primary colors), which I already had on hand in 11×14″ sheets. I simply used my paper slicer to cut the construction paper to 8.5 x 11”, and then printed 25 sheets on my home printer, to make 150 flags.

(Download template: Yay Flags). The fonts used were: Campland Letters, Lavenderia, and Bernard MT Condensed).

I cut each flag to 3″ x 5.25″, with a 1.75″ space on the left of the YAY to wrap around the dowel.

I then handed the project over to my MOHs (I had a Man of Honor AND a Maid of Honor- lucky me!) on the Thursday night before the wedding which my bridal party, parents, brothers and I spent doing some final projects. We devised a super simple way to assemble the flags. (The original tutorial on Offbeat Bride suggested sewing the flags, which looked totally adorable, but this was much easier!)

Using double stick tape, we placed two strips of tape lengthwise at the top and bottom, and folded the flag over the wooden dowel.

The tape secured dowel & both sides of the paper, making a sturdy flag that would withstand one night of waving fun.

I stashed the flags in a cute wooden canister that I swiped from my mother’s kitchen (she uses it to store tea bags, I spied it the next morning and essentially stole it. Thanks, mom. 🙂

The flags went on an antique sewing table (table AND antique Pepsi crate also stolen borrowed from my parent’s house) at the ceremony site. Guests were instructed by a little poem printed on kraft paper and set into a white frame (download YAY Sign):

Grab a program, grab a flag,

we’re so glad you’re here today!

Sit where you like (we don’t take sides),

while our musician pals sing & play.

In no time at all we’ll be husband and wife,

so on the kiss- let out a great big “yay!”

Custom painted pumpkins by Katherine of  Wiggles & Giggles, Dog Sign from The Back Porch Shoppe.

I loved seeing those cheery little flags wave in the hands of our friends and families right after hubby and I said our “I Dos”. I also love how they keep popping up in pictures from the day.

Bridesmaid Meg, Groomsman Dan & his two cuties feelin’ the YAY pre-wedding:

Even our minister (a close family friend) got into the Yay!

Stuck in flower beds accompanying the wandering gnome which magically appeared at our wedding. (Family inside joke…)

Such a simple little word- but it definitely sums up the way I felt that entire day (and still do). Getting married to the love of your life, surrounded by your family & besties = YAY!

This hilarious photo with my Man & Maid of Honor courtesy of Focal Point Studios.

Red, White & Yarn

For Mother’s Day this year, I gave my mother a handmade, patriotic yarn wreath. Here it is in Instagram form!

I made my first yarn wreath a couple of months ago (see it here) and loved what a simple & pretty project it was. I decided to make one for my mother (as a step up from the handmade mother’s day gifts I gave her as a child- including a hand-drawn plate in which all of the people have no necks and freakishly long arms). My mom is big on her seasonal decorations, and she always decks the house out in Red, White & Blue for the early summer (Memorial Day & July 4th).

Making a yarn wreath is super easy, my tutorial is here & there a loads of great ideas on Pinterest/out in crafty blog world for fun color combinations & embellishments.

I started with the basics- a foam wreath form & some red, white and blue yarn. You’ll need scissors and a hot glue gun to complete the wreath.

To alternate colors, I tied the end of the finishing color (say, the white) to the beginning of the next color (red) and made sure the little knots ended up on on the same side of the form, resulting in a defined ‘front’ and ‘back’.

I found some felt, star-shapes with sticker backs at Michael’s, and used the white ones to create my starry section of the wreath. (You could also cut stars out of white felt & hot glue them on- which was my original plan, but the stickers were easier & sparkly. Enough said.)

Hopefully, mom enjoys the wreath. FH said he was excited that for once one of my ‘craft projects’ was leaving our house. Just for that, FH won’t get the yarn wreath I had planned on making him for his birthday. Take that.


Do you deck out your home in red, white and blue in the summer? What fun new projects have you tackled lately?

Monogram: Take Two

One night last week, during dinner & without reason- my little Monogram craft fell from it’s nail in our coat closet door and broke.

Today I stuck the original the burlap-covered glass piece & painted wooden letter into a new frame, which I painted earlier this week.

And just like that- my C went back to it’s rightful place and we all carried along as though nothing had ever happened.

I hope you all enjoying this lovely Saturday!