Tell Me How You Really Feel.

Last night, FH and I drove to Sandy Hook, NJ to meet up with Amy Migliore & Lauren Gibson of Focal Point Studios for a little engagement photo shoot. This is one wedding detail were are quite behind on, I realize, but it worked out so well because FH & I both love the beach & summer evenings, so although our wedding is in the Autumn, we got to enjoy another favorite season & build some lovely (and hilarious) new memories.

One of the things I love the most about my future hubby, is his unfailing honesty and commitment to be true to himself. In our relationship, I very rarely find myself wondering what he ‘really feels’ about something, because 99% of the time, he will tell me the truth. (Although, like every good man, he does have a good grasp on the little lies that make a lady feel pretty or normal… even when she is lookin’ a mess or acting crazy.)

Anyway, my point is that I love my FH’s strong individuality (as he loves mine- there are no sheep to be herded in this household). With that said, when the idea of taking engagement pictures came about, my future hubby was very clear about his less-than-thrilled attitude. I imagine most husbands-to-be do not jump at the chance to stand in forced positions, awkwardly striking the “I’m looking at you with a natural, loving expression while people stand around me snapping photos and inside I sort of hate you a little bit for making me do this” pose. Or maybe they do. I wouldn’t know, because I’ve only been engaged to one man, and my man was not excited.

So when I said at the beginning of this post that I love how my FH always tells me the truth about what he feels, I meant it. But I love even more that last night he a) told me the truth about how he felt, but then, b) did it anyway. And tried to smile, and eventually relaxed enough to be his normal, joking, sarcastic, and wonderful self. I was so happy to be taking pictures with such a loving & wonderful man last night. Our photographers were so sweet & made us feel as comfortable as possible.

After we thought our photo session was over, my FH assuming he was driving away to safety, and Amy & Lauren flashed for us to stop – insisting we just had to get out of the car to take a few more pictures because the sunset was just TOO beautiful to miss – my man dutifully parked the car & walked through the dunes to capture just a few more pictures. The combination of Amy & Lauren’s commitment to their artistic vision (and to capturing gorgeous photos for us to cherish), with my FH’s ability to compromise for love the bribe of a giant ice cream sundae when we got home, made for a fantastic evening.

Lauren shared her perspective in a lovely (and insightful look at marriage and compromise) post over on the Focal Point Studios blog, where you can see some of the pictures from our shoot. If you live in the Philly/NYC and are looking for incredibly talented and fun photographers, you simply MUST contact Amy & Lauren! Thanks again, ladies!