Twig & Berries Heart Wreath

I’m a hopeless romantic – so naturally I’m a fan of Valentine’s day. Even so, it’s not typically a holiday I pay much attention to or overtly decorate for. Being a cheesy, lovey-dovey person in general, you’ll find hearts all over my home no matter the season. But this year, adding a few touches of romance & warmth to my decor has been a welcome distraction during these bitter cold, dead-of-winter days. My display of this burlap arrow & simple burlap & felt heart art is probably my favorite scene in the house right now, but this cozy little corner is a close second.


I moved my lazy-girl’s DIY framed chalkboard over to a new spot after Christmas (I can never leave anything in one place for long – it’s a problem), and I made this twig & red berry wreath for a rustic, valentine’s day touch.


To make the wreath, I used a heart shaped twig wreath (found at Michael’s) and some red berry garland I had in my Christmas decoration bins (we used it on our tree last Christmas).


Using wire cutters, I snipped off sprigs of berries, and stuck them into the twig wreath. It couldn’t have been easier!


The framed chalkboard is hanging on a nail, but I used a small command hook right above the frame to hold the wreath – tied up with some twine.


I’m playing around with chairs in this corner – and eventually hope to find a cool statement piece. For now, I’m using one of our dining table chairs – draped with an alpaca throw I bought in Peru & a burlap pillow we’ve had since our wedding.


One habit that I definitely inherited from my mother is the desire to constantly change my decor, rearrange furniture, and experiment with new ways of decorating with the things that I have. The framed chalkboard has been on three different walls since I made it, and I’ve loved it everywhere!


Do you constantly move things around in your home, too? Or do you stick with a great set-up once you’ve found it?

Well, here’s to a happy Monday and a great week ahead! Thanks for stopping by!



Fun with Chalkboard Paint

Remember how I bought chalkboard spray paint the other week at Michael’s?

Well, here are some of the little projects I’ve done with it so far.

(Note to all chalkboard spray paint users: stuff is POTENT! Open windows or spray outside!)

I sprayed a bunch of stuff- including two mini flower pots (from the $1 aisle at Michael’s), and the plastic in these mini picture frames (also from $1 aisle!):

After applying the paint & waiting a full 24 hours, rub the entire freshly- chalkboard-ed surface w/ the side of a piece of chalk & erase… to ‘break it in’. Then start chalking it up!

The motive behind this fun-with-spray-paint project was primarily to experiment with the product. I used little, inexpensive items. It is easy to see how useful this stuff can be- the little frames could serve as table numbers or other markings at a wedding reception- and imagine the little flower pot with a mini succulent in it & a name (in nicer handwriting than mine) written in chalk: instant favor!

After playing around with these little items, I turned to a silver-colored charger I picked up for $1.99 with the intention of creating a little chalkboard-plate-message station. I carefully used tape to cover the rim, so that the paint would only cover the center circle. Then I sprayed away!

The finished project is nothing spectacular- but I have plans for this little item. For now, it is on a plate stand in our kitchen.

And I had so much fun spraying things w/ chalkboard paint, that I started pointing to other objects in our kitchen/home & asking FH if I could coat them with a chalkboard-y surface, too.

So far, he is not budging. But I’ve got big plans for this can of chalkboard paint… you wait & see.