Happy Spring!

Yippie! It’s the first day of Spring! It’s still freezing outside – but as the birds outside my window and the bulbs in my mother’s garden are concerned, Spring has arrived – and I couldn’t be happier. Spring is my favorite month (mostly because it brings all things that I love – daisies, bicycle riding weather, 3/4 sleeve cardigans and my birthday).

I thought I’d welcome Spring into our home with a little DIY burlap & felt bunting. I followed pretty much the same steps used to make the Love Bunting for our wedding, except instead of stenciling, I attached letters cut from a fun & colorful felt pattern.

BuntingLabledTo make my bunting, I used burlap, felt, orange & white bakers twine, mod podge glue, and my fabric cutting board & rolling cutter.

SpringBuntingSuppliesI measured and cut each triangle out of burlap, and gave each piece a coating of Mod Podge to keep the edges from fraying.

BuntingTrianglesI printed the letters onto cardstock, cut them out and then traced them (flipped!) onto the back of my felt so that no lines would show.

SpringLetters2I used glue to attach the felt letters to the burlap.

SpringLetters3And more glue to attach the baker’s twine (folding over the top edge of the burlap for a secure hold).

Bunting3My salute to my favorite season now hangs in my little craft storage/display area – accompanied by some seasonal bunnies & a little egg display. (Along with my Jersey State Love Art & Gnome Sweet Gnome Canvas).

SpringBunting1Both bunnies came from The Farmhouse Store – which I shared my love for yesterday!

Bunting5Happy Spring, everyone!!


DIY with me on WeddingLovely!

Hiya! Just popping back again today to let you know that you can check out my Table Numbers DIY project from our DIY October Wedding over on the WeddingLovely Blog today!


Thanks so much for sharing my project AND my wedding, Tracy!

Be sure to check out all the gorgeous weddings, amazing DIY projects, and wedding vendor features on the WeddingLovely Blog!


{Wedding Wednesday} DIY Burlap LOVE Bunting

This was a really simple little project that I am very happy with! I plan to hang/display this bunting at the wedding, and will probably use the same technique to make some more!


First cut your burlap into triangles of desired size. (I think mine were about 5″ wide & 6.5″ long).

I used Mod Podge (my favorite!) & coated each of my triangles. Once dry, this makes the triangles nice & sturdy, and prevents any outrageous fraying. (The fraying on the edges adds to the charm of the burlap, I think. You could also coat your fabric in Mod Podge and THEN cut, which would really cut down on the frayed edges.

(P.S. I did the Mod Podge part over sheets of wax paper to protect my working surface!)


For my stencil, I used Word Art in MS Word to spell out my letters & printed them on some cardstock.


I cut out my stencil & set to work painting onto my triangles.



I used a pouncer and white and red craft paint- remembering to be patient and careful, as always when stenciling!



I think the firmness created in the bunting by using the Mod Podge helped make the stencil stand out with nice, clean edges.



The final step was to attach my ribbon – I used my hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to the back of the bunting!



And that’s it! This was very simple, and I can’t wait to make more with different wording!



Are you digging that old gate? My mother & I found it in an antique shop on Long Beach Island, and I love it!!

What DIY projects have you been up to lately?

Super Easy Burlap Wreath

I believe it is safe to say that while I definitely enjoy crafting, I enjoy crafting a billion times more when it is easy and painless (the hot glue gun is my enemy). I also feel that a quick project is a great *fix* for my nervous energy on a random weeknight, and it is wiser for me to save the time-consuming projects for the weekend. Otherwise, I tire quickly, and end up leaving half-finished projects strewn about the house until Saturday morning rolls around. That said, I present to you a lovely, simple, and quick project you can do, on your couch, while enjoying your DVRed episodes of The Daily Show & The Colbert Report after work. Or maybe that’s just me.

The Super Easy Burlap Wreath

I am experiencing a burlap phase. I’m having a great time experimenting with burlap, and collecting ideas on Pinterest. I plan to incorporate burlap in my rustic, autumn wedding, so many of these burlap experiments may inspire some wedding decor ideas.

This wreath was oh-so-easy! I was inspired by this version on Top this Top That.

You will need:

~ A wire wreath form

~ Burlap ribbon (I used about 2 and a half rolls of 4″ burlap ribbon from Michael’s)

~ Floral wire

The wreath form pictured above is 12″ in diameter, however I actually ended up using a larger, 22″ form.

To start, weave a piece of floral wire through the end of your burlap ribbon. Attach the ribbon to the frame.

Now, begin to ‘loop’ the burlap through the wreath form. Basically, the idea is to create loops in varying sizes and directions through the rings of the form.

I followed a weaving pattern, from the outside ring through to the inside ring and back out again, creating loops & occasionally ‘squishing’ everything towards the start to create a full look.

When the ribbon ran out, I tied it off using the floral wire and started a new roll. Here I am just over halfway finished and moving on to my final roll of burlap.

It took me about 30 minutes to complete the wreath. There is something about the combination of rustic, natural looking burlap and this cheerful, loopy look that just works so perfectly!

Pictured with the wreath are my Stenciled Frames & a bowl of Book Page Decoupaged Fruit.

Hope you enjoy!

Stenciled Burlap Sunshine Quote!

Yesterday started out cold and rainy, but the sun made its way by mid-afternoon and it turned into a glorious day! It was the perfect day to finish a little project I’ve been working on for the past week or so.

I am a lover of sunshine (since wayy back in the day when I used AOL Instant Messenger & my AIM screenname was lbsunshine85. Too cool for words, I know).

I love the song “You Are My Sunshine”, and used to sing it with my students all the time when I taught elementary music. The song is so appropriate for how my loved ones, especially FH, the puppy & my BFF, are always there for me when I need a smile!

I started out with a piece of burlap fabric cut to fit an old IKEA picture frame I had stashed behind the bookcase in my bedroom (among other things). For this project, I used Martha Stewart Alphabet stencils and Folk Art paint in Coffee Bean.

I used a pretty pink princess plate (left over from my grown up, 27th birthday) for my paint, and a foam pouncer to apply the paint with the stencil.

As with all of my stenciling projects lately, I exercised patience and waited between letters to avoid smudging the wet paint.

I used a piece of cardstock to create a level line for the stencils.

Here is the finished stencil, with a little flourish I added to the bottom!


So, when I went to put the burlap inside my frame, I pushed a bit too hard and… broke the glass. Oops. There went my grand plan for a quick & easy project!

So after work yesterday, I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and took a drive out to IKEA. I purchased a similar frame that was a big larger, and figured I’d use the included mat to add some polish to my stencil.

Here is the finished product!

It’s a little bit crooked and imperfect… but that’s life, right? I dig it.

And I really dig those tulips. I will miss having fresh tulips in the house as their spring spring comes to an end!

I hope you like my little piece of sunshine! Have you ever broken an integral piece of a project mid-way through? It’s totally worth spending the money to replace the broken item & finish the job, right? 🙂

Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m looking forward to a great week ahead- and here are some of the things that will keep me smiling till Friday!

Motivation in an Easy Breakfast To-Go ~ Yoplait Smoothie Packs

Conveniently proportioned packs of frozen fruit~ just add 1 cup of skim milk & blend!

I am loving these quick smoothies for breakfast- each at just about 100 calories per serving & loaded with calcium!

Motivation to plan a Backyard Bonfire ~ Fancy S’mores

How fun is this fancy S’mores table from A Beautiful Mess? I am obsessed with S’mores, and love all of their gourmet S’more suggestions!


Motivation to Finish my Master’s Thesis ~ Reading List

Time to read for pleasure again? Can’t wait! Here is a list of books from The Perpetual Page Turner that you might like if you loved The Hunger Games!

Motivation to Learn to Sew ~ Burlap Covered Chair

I’m dying to try to make a chair like beauty from Beneath My Heart using burlap!

Motivation to DIY ~ Painted Rug

I’ve got to try making my own painted rug like this one from The Idea Room! Great for the kitchen!

That’s it~ enjoy and here’s to a great week!