My January Cure – Bathroom Project

My buddy Lauren over at Stay Home With Me & I decided to attempt Apartment Therapy’s January Cure this winter – as a part of our mutual decision to kick of 2014 with a positive & organized bang. I’ve really been enjoying receiving my regular email from Apartment Therapy each morning – containing the daily assignment for the cure. I’ve been attempting to keep up – although it has not been particularly easy with my busy weekends & 50+ hour work weeks. I feel wonderful every time I complete a task, and I’ve gotten a whole lot of great new ideas for keeping my home organized & clutter free. (Unfortunately, I’ve yet to implement all of these great ideas, which makes that ‘clutter free’ sentiment feel like a distant dream…) Nonetheless, I am pleased with the progress made thus far, and hope to completely catch up before the end of the month (for example, Assignment #13 is top priority…)


At the beginning of the month, I made a nice long list of all the problem areas in our home that I would like to tackle at some point. This list includes big projects – like the wallpaper I’d like to remove in our entryway, the baseboard I’d like to replace throughout the apartment, and the massive job of organizing our attic. I’ve also got dozens of smaller jobs on my list – like sorting out my craft supplies (ok, that one is maybe not such a small job), painting a room or two, and finishing the little gallery wall I started when the Christmas decorations came down.

But the project I chose to complete as per the cure was an update in our bathroom. The bathroom refresh included the following jobs:

– Remove the old, cracked caulk around the tub & re-caulk


– Paint the window trim, door & door trim white (the trim was an off-white/almondy ish color, and in need of some spackle/hole repair as well).


– Paint the ceiling white


– Refresh the decor.

Our hands are pretty tied with the color of the tile right now – as we are not able to do a huge tile job in the near future. I’m not in love with the color (or having a fully tiled bathroom in general) – but I have to live with it. I hope that adding some crisp white trim & some fun new accessories will help. We’ve decided phase one will be paint & new accessories, and in phase two (later this Spring, perhaps) we will try to replace the sink, vanity, TP holder, towel rack, etc. – which is not going to be a walk in the park, as there will be holes in tile, etc. Uhg.

Anyway, after a nice long weekend & an extra snow day to boot, I’ve made significant progress. The tub is caulked & the trim is painted, and we’re hiring help to deal with the ceiling (there is some water damage/work that needs to be done to avoid mildew down the road).


I also picked up some fun new towels & accessories from Target (with perfect timing from a Cartwheel coupon on Threshold bath accessories!).

And, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the saga of the ceramic deer head. Sniff. I debated whether I wanted to use this $7 find (from TJ Maxx back in December) as a towel holder. I decided to go for it – and I loved it with all my heart. I named him Roger. 24 hours later, Roger was in about 100 pieces on the floor… as was my heart.

photo 4

What home projects have you been up to lately? Anyone else doing the January Cure? Have you lost any ceramic animal buddies lately?