If Dogs had Credit Cards

Sometimes, on a cold & wintry day, you just need a laugh. So this little graphic worked up by the people of MoneySupermarket.com that imagines what our favorite furry friends would purchase if they had their very own credit cards might be just the ticket.

I just love how the dog breeds & characteristics are linked to what they might buy- too cute!
Image source: MoneySupermarket

I like to imagine that our own beloved pooch Emma would swipe her plastic for some blankets to burrow under, and, naturally, a nice stash of socks to chew up. Australian Terriers were originally bred to be ‘ratters’ – but I’d imagine my fluffy slipper socks are much more interesting to Emma than an actual rat, judging by the way she completely ignores all squirrels at the park.

Oh, and since yesterday I went a little overboard with my Emma-Thought-Bubble pictures (which was completely unrelated to the chair upholstery DIY that I shared…) I thought I’d indulge just once more with today’s theme in mind:


What would your dog (or cat/bird/iguana/etc.) buy if she or he had a personal credit card?

This One’s For the Dog Lovers

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with my dog. I seriously cannot think of a cuter thing on the planet (except maybe a few babies, like my niece and nephews, for instance. But I suppose I’m biased).

The good news is, the hubs is equally as in love with our crazy little ball of fu, Emma the Australian Terrier, as I am. The bad news is, she is a very spoiled pup.

Someday when she has a human brother or sister, and her parents have to split their love and affection (I hear babies are a little bit time consuming), she will probably be very confused.
BirthdayEmmaEmma’s birthday bone was bigger than her last year. 

But, until that day arrives, lucky Emma is the center of our little family. She’s the boss of the house (Caesar Milan would NOT approve), and a source of constant entertainment.

To commemorate our love for the little fur ball, I even commissioned a portrait of Emma in all her cuteness-overload-glory as a Christmas gift for the hubby.

And by “commissioned”, I mean that I ordered a custom pet portrait from the talented Nicole Chen of The Stardust Studio Etsy shop.

I sent Nicole a few of my favorite snapshots of Emma, and she created this lovely painting that totally captures Emma’s signature wide-eyed “aren’t I the cutest thing you’ve ever seen” expression.

EmmaPortraitA puppy portrait? Now that is love.

We were fortunate enough to enjoy a day off this past holiday weekend, and so we took Emma for an extra long walk in the park on Monday morning.


She did some running & frolicking, and stayed nice & cosy in her Boots & Barkley argyle jacket (from Target). She’s a total prepster.


So speaking of things we buy for our dog, the hubs found this really neat service called BarkBox, and signed Emma up for monthly deliveries. BarkBox sends a package of toys and treats, specifically selected for your dog’s size.

Image from BarkBox.com

The subscription (which can be by the month, or for 3 or 6 months at a time – with bigger savings as you increase your deliveries) comes with a special bonus – as BarkBox donates 10% of all their proceeds to local animal shelters. As a subscriber, you learn about the shelters BarkBox is supporting, and you can even recommend local animal shelters to BarkBox.


Emma’s first BarkBox (of the Small & Cute size) arrived over the weekend. We helped her open it up, and she immediately discovered the bag of Nootie treats. Also included was an all natural, 100% beef Barkworthies Chew, a sturdy-looking rope Jax and Bones Octopus (named Elton & voted Best Pet Toy by Pet Product News) and a rubber peanut (the Ruff Dawg “Wee-Nut” … ha) that can be filled with yummy treats.


We’re pretty sure she liked it.


BarkBox seems like a relatively affordable way to treat your dog to new toys & treats, learn about doggie products (like shampoos, and healthy, all-natural treats). Emma’s subscription is less than $20 a month, with free shipping. I did a little research and found the retail value for each item in her box – adding everything up to get a total closer to $30.

What do you guys think? Sure, we’re probably a tad over indulgent when it comes to out little pup- but it’s a small price to pay for the absolute JOY that she gives us on a daily basis. She is part therapist (she literally licks the tears off my face when I’m sad), part comedian, and part foot-warmer during our evening couch/TV sessions.

Do you have a pet that you love to death? Tell me about him or her! I love to swap pet tails…I mean tales. 🙂

Saturday at the Craft Store

This past Saturday morning rolled around with no obligations until 4PM. It was like Christmas in March. There is nothing that I love more than a relaxing weekend. I even had a semi-break from grad school homework, which usually hangs like black cloud over my weekends.

We slept in (sort of- getting up at 8:45 doesn’t really qualify as “sleeping in”, but it is so much better than 6AM). I could have slept longer, except our terror of an Australian Terrier was wide awake. And when Emma is awake, everyone is awake. She has a very unique way of waking us up when she wants to go to the yard. She stands right next to my sleeping head… and stares. She doesn’t bark, or climb on me. She just stands there and stares at my face. Trust me- that feeling of being watched is just uncomfortable enough to wake you from a deep Saturday morning slumber. Sure enough- I opened my eyes on Saturday morning to find Emma’s nose about 2 inches away from my face.

Sometimes I wonder what she is thinking when she stands there staring like that. What are you plotting, Emma? A plan to trick me into leaving my closet door & laundry basket unattended? Or are you plotting to murder me for the insurance money? Good luck with that one, little dog… if you take out your parents you will quickly find out that new owners will likely be MUCH less generous with the treat jar.

She looks innocent enough...but owner, beware.

Either way- we were up. No worries- 8:45 on a Saturday morning with nothing to do until 4PM is lovely. We ordered breakfast from the diner, which we NEVER have time to do, and lounged around the house for a couple of hours watching DVR-ed episodes of The Daily Show & Colbert Report.

Around noon, it hit. The crafting bug! I had time to spare, and now that our town has a Michael’s Craft store my crafting moods are easily abated.

This time I went to Michael’s with a few projects in mind.

#1- a wedding-related craft I knew I needed to practice to get perfect, so I wanted to start early. No internet deets until post-wedding!

#2- spraying things with chalkboard paint. Is this a real project? No. More like an experiment that could lead to future projects. Either way- chalkboard paint comes as spray paint & is therefore locked up at Michael’s to prevent young hooligans from “huffing”. Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans, anyone?

Anyway, I had a salesperson unlock the cabinet for me, but I was not allowed to carry the spray paint with me in my basket. It was placed up at the register for me, and naturally I completely forgot about it while checking out & impulse-shopping the magazines by the register. A new magazine all about wedding flowers? Yes please.

Alas, chalkboard painting fun will have to wait.

#3- the materials need to create this little piece of decor I stumbled across here.

Lovely, yes?

While I do anticipate bringing my own little rustic-framed-monogram to use for wedding decor, it will also be on display on my house (I’m not sure where, yet, between now and then.

Somehow I managed to spend close to $100 at Michael’s… but I sure enjoyed a weekend of fun crafting!

My framed monogram was very easy to make.

I purchased a wooden letter ‘C’, a round frame (I couldn’t find a white one, unfortunately, so I bought a black one and painted it white), and some burlap-looking fabric. (It wasn’t really burlap, but I need a real fabric store to stock up on my burlap & fun fabric supplies.)

I painted the frame and the wooden letter with white paint, and then attached the fabric around the glass insert from the frame. (I used a hot glue gun).

Once everything dried, I put it all together (gluing the letter right into the center of the fabric-covered-glass).

I propped it up in a little plate stand- but I’m not sure where this will go yet. Possibly on our door?

The original is ‘weathered’ a bit, which I may decide to do to this later. For now, though, I am enjoying the simplicity of the white & burlap colors. P.S. This is not my current last initial, but my future last initial! Should I have waited to celebrate my new name through crafting? I think not!


Post Update: I’m sharing this little project over at Young House Love today as part of the Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition! I am SO inspired by the amazing DIY projects taking place all over the blogisphere!

Check out Katie, Cassie, Erin & Sherry’s challenge submissions!

A Girl’s Best Friend

Internet- I’d like to tell you about how much I love my dog.

I should sayour dog. She will keep my last name until it is officially changed next Fall, however.

Our dog Emma is pretty much the greatest dog there ever was. She is totally adorable, smart, and as full of love as they come. And yes, I am obnoxiously obsessed with her.

Emma is almost two and a half years old already, and I can’t believe it!

Emma is an Australian Terrier. She was born in Wisconsin on October 25, 2009. Which means she will have just turned three when she makes her big appearance in our wedding this October!

When Emma was a baby, her breeder sent us a picture before we could bring her home. Her head was too big for her little body and she looked like this:

When Tim & I brought Emma home (a friend of the breeder drove her from Wisconsin to New Jersey for us), she was a tiny, sweet and affectionate little bean:

Oh, I can hardly handle the cuteness!

From the very start she determined she would not be separated from her mom & dad unless absolutely necessary. During her early training days, when we would have her out of her little pen she would follow us up and down the hallway, wherever we went, never letting us leave her sight. To this day, she still follows both of us everywhere we go.

Now, at over two years old, Emma looks like this:

This is post-haircut.

She makes us laugh every day. She is klutzy (just like me) and often runs into walls or falls off the couch. She demands to be the center of attention at all times, and would eat herself into a food coma if we let her. She is a bit sneaky, and occasionally gets stuck behind or under furniture (or in a tote-bag handle) when she under-estimates her own size.

We like to take her in the car:

She is very fashionable.

And sometimes we dress her up:

Christmas Card 2011

Christmas torture, 2011.


On her 2nd birthday last October, Emma got a giant birthday bone:


And today, because it makes me laugh hysterically, we played our own version of Food on my Dog.

She didn’t really like it. So we will not play that again, because (in case you haven’t gotten the gist) this dog is the boss of us. And I love it.