Six Easy (and Practically Free) DIY Ideas for Holiday Artwork


Hey guys! I had so much fun sharing my holiday decor in my Holiday Home Tour 2013 (which you can see here, here & here). Most of these ideas for easy (and super affordable) DIY holiday artwork were seen in the tour. I love simple little pieces that can be ‘subbed in’ for the non-seasonal art you may already have scattered throughout your home. Some of these pieces are just stuck on top of whatever print is typically displayed – which means you’ll save by not buying new frames, and you can pull out the holiday artwork and be back to ‘normal’ in a flash!

Here are six ways I updated my walls for the holidays this year. Since many of these pieces were created using supplies I already had on hand, my total ‘new’ costs for all of these pieces combined was probably somewhere around $10!

Burlap & Wood Reindeer Art

photo 1

To make this simple & rustic holiday art, I painted a wooden reindeer head cut out (found at Michael’s for under $2) with white craft paint (or whatever color you choose). Cover the glass with burlap (or whatever fabric you happen to have lying around), and glue the reindeer to the fabric. Stick it in your frame, and you’re done!

Stenciled Kraft Paper Art


Stencil a festive animal, word, or other design onto a piece of kraft paper. Frame it. Go get a pedicure with all the time you have leftover after this project. (Don’t have a stencil? Make one by printing out clip art in the design you want & cutting it out!) Chances are, you already have everything you need to do this… which makes it technically free! But if not, you can probably get everything you’d need for less than $5.

Framed Chalkboard + Wreath


If you don’t already have a framed chalkboard somewhere in your house, you can make one! I made mine without even opening a jar of paint – here’s how. Hang a wreath in front of your new chalkboard with some pretty ribbon, and add some inspirational text. But don’t thank me for this idea, I saw it here, here & here first. This one is ‘free’ to make too, if you already have a chalkboard, some ribbon, and a wreath!


Framed Holiday Card


This really can’t count as a “DIY” project as it pretty much only requires the ability to put something into a frame. But I am obsessed with these holiday postcards from Rifle Paper Company, and am using them this year to send quick well wishes to friends and family. I love them so much, that I framed one in my kitchen, and one in my bathroom! Use holiday cards from your stash, or a pretty one that you received this year, and enjoy another free new piece of holiday artwork!


Merry & Bright Typography

I just played with some fonts on my computer and printed out this little fella onto some recycled cardstock and framed it. Boom! Easy artwork!

photo 4

Burlap & Ribbon Tree Wall Hanging


I shared this little project last week and again – I made it completely out of supplies I already had on hand. (Ok, maybe I am a burlap/ribbon/glue gun hoarder… but maybe you are too!?) You can probably guess how I made it (think hot glue gun), but you can see the original post here!


So, what do you think? Any ideas you would try in your home? What are some other quick & inexpensive ways to deck your walls for the holidays? I’d love to hear your ideas!


New Workspace // Finishing Touches

For those of you following along with me as I took a cluttered & underused part of our bedroom and transformed it into a colorful & inspirational workspace & reading nook: I’m calling it done!

We went from here:


To here!

FinishedOfficeI organized like crazy, shredding & tossing old paperwork and delegating some items to the “garage sale pile”, so that I could de-clutter the room. My important paperwork is neatly sorted in the file box to the left of the desk, and I switched out the boring black filing cart for a pretty new bookcase from Target’s new Threshold line (Carson 2-shelf Bookcase).

ReadingNookThe sight of that organized bookcase practically makes me giddy. I SO hope to keep it looking this nice! I’ve already spent a few peaceful afternoons lounging in this little reading nook, which gets great sunlight. Recovering that chair in pretty new fabric was the inspiration I needed to turn this room into a place I could enjoy just as much as our living room.

BookshelfOn top of the bookcase are a few fun items – a daily journal I’ve been attempting to keep, a ceramic white mason jar (purchased at The Farmhouse Store) filled with burlap flowers that I made back when I was experimenting with wedding ideas, and a pretty shadowbox (West Elm).

ShadowboxInside are the flowers I wore in my hair on my wedding day, along with the note that came with the beautiful bouquet of flowers my husband sent to me, and an Instagram shot of a fortune cookie slip.

FinishedRoomSince my last progress post, where I talked about the Martha Stewart Wall Organizing System and the artwork on the right hand wall, as well as the gorgeous Laura Trevey watercolors above the desk, I’ve added three more pieces of art in a set of matching 8×8 frames.


(Side note – I am terrible at getting good photos of hanging artwork – there’s always a glare on the glass! Argh!) Anyway, the top row on this wall now features two prints that we bought at IKEA several years ago – the bird & the leaves, and a new piece in the middle that I am completely in love with.

photo (7)If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my ‘gram of this awesome print from Penelope & Pip – “Our Love Song“. I love this illustration for SO many reasons.  I love that she is playing the tuba (or baritone?) – I played both. And I’m not ashamed. I love the sentiment, “our love song is the best love song ever” – especially because when it comes to me & the hubs, our “love song” is a semi-hilarious inside joke. (And our second love song, which we danced to at our wedding, makes me tear up every time!)

photo (8)

I loved this print when I ordered it. Upon receiving it, I loved it even more. Penelope & Pip is such a fantastic blog & shop. I love all of Rachael‘s posts, wise words, and the images she’s been sharing on the interwebs from her recent wedding. She’s SUCH a talented & creative artist! I’m more than a little bit obsessed. And when this lovely print arrived with it’s cute little card featuring a shout-out to Joni Mitchell, my lifelong female musician crush/addiction, I was forever hooked. You’ve got a new but loyal fan over her, Rachael!

The last little touch that helped to bring the whole space together was adding some fabric underneath the glass top on this desk.

FabricDesktopThe fabric is Claridge Jacquard Moon Power, and I simply cut a piece (using my measuring mat/fabric cutter) and placed it under the protective glass top of the desk. If you missed it, here is a description of all my fun office/desk supplies that live in easy-access position out on the desk.

CalendarAnd just today I added my favorite calendar (an office essential!) to the wall – from Curly Girl Designs. April is my birthday-month, and I am completely in love with the April design!

Overall I am thrilled with the improvements to this space – and I can see lots of productive & creative work sessions in my future!

Monday Motivation

Happy lunchtime on a lovely Monday afternoon! Here are some of my favorite things this week that keep me motivated to work hard & live well!

Motivation for the Spirit ~ Be Filled With Joy print from The Wheat Field on Etsy.

For the Sweet Tooth ~ Five Minute Key Lime Pie from Six Sister’s Stuff. Key Lime Pie is one of my favorite summer treats, and this recipe looks easy & so delicious!

For Mom ~ Need help deciding on a gift for Mother’s Day? Charlotte’s Fancy offers five great suggestions for handmade gifting.

For the Wrist ~ I’m in love with this Viscid Watch from Anthropologie in Sky.

For Eating ~ I am in love with this Yellow Chickadee plate from Crate & Barrel. It makes me want to cook pretty meals.

Thanks, friends! Have a great Monday!

Etsy Love

I spend many hours a week perusing & admiring the amazing creations that people-much-cleverer-than-I sell on Etsy. So I thought I would share some of my current favorites!

1) State Love by Poppy & Pinecone ~ I live in New Jersey these days, but I’m a Pennsylvania girl through & through. I’d love to hang this colorful Pennsylvania Love print in my bedroom as an homage to my old stomping grounds.

2) Two Lovers Custom Sterling Silver Bracelet from Lala Design Studio ~ I love the romantic simplicity of two initials connected with a heart in this pretty little bracelet.

3) Fabric Wallet from Tilly Whistle ~ This shop offers some incredibly adorable, hand made, fabric baby booties. Until I am in the market for baby things, I’d like this lovely, mustard yellow, botanic print wallet.

4) A Heartfelt Mother’s Day Card from Craft Colorfully ~ This eco-friendly card would surely make your mother laugh. Well, I think it would make my mother laugh. Because she knows it’s true. 🙂

5) A Colorful Collar for my Favorite Pup from Biscuit & Gravy ~ I love accessorizing our Emma bear with a variety of fun collars and leashes. This multicolor collar would be perfect for her summer wardrobe! 🙂

6) Chevron Case for iPhone ~ A new look for my iPhone? Yes please. I’m obsessed with the pretty patterns and colors by Christine Marie B!


Happy Etsy-browsing, and have a great day!