Emma’s Announcement

Well hello there, friends! Sorry for the months of radio silence over here! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen our little announcement last week, which explains the latest ‘project’ I’ve been cooking up for the past several months! This poor dog has no idea what she’s in for…

And let me tell you, this baby making business really wiped me out! Pretty much from the happy moment we found out I was pregnant, I felt all of my energy just sucked away. My normal amounts of excessive pep disappeared, to be replaced by exhaustion. All for a wonderful reason, of course! Starting a family of our own has been a long and difficult road for us, so I am trying to take all of the tiredness, queasiness and weird eating habits (let’s just say I could – and sometimes do – eat a bagel for every meal) that this pregnancy has to offer with a sleepy smile. (Plus, I have an amazingly helpful and kind husband who has taken over all cooking/cleaning/smelly dishwasher duties – seriously, amazing).

Now that we’re a couple of weeks into the second trimester (*sigh of relief*), I’m anxiously waiting for my energy & normal feeling tummy to return to me, which so many mom pals have assured me will happen. But so far, no sign of any changes in those areas yet (though my tummy is certainly starting to change on the outside).

Since I pretty much collapse the minute I get home from work, I haven’t built or crafted a single thing lately – which explains my absence here in the blogosphere. I’ve even found that scrolling through blogs & Instagram on my phone makes my queasiness worse (weird, right??), so I’ve really taken a step back from all things web/social media related. I’ve been dreaming up a billion and one ideas, though, and I am optimistic that I’ll have the energy to tackle a few projects this summer (there is, of course, a nursery to design!) You can likely expect to see some haphazard popping in from time to time, but I am primarily focused on enjoying every minute of this pregnancy (well, except for those moments over the toilet bowl… EW!)  – and every minute of our last child-less summer (minus the standard mojito-in-hand this time around 😉

So, till next time, then! ❤


Inspiration Board: Fall Accents

Using the incredible wealth of glorious wedding ideas and photography on Style Me Pretty, I compiled this inspiration board today to bring together some of my color/floral ideas with some of my fall decor ideas. I’m loving the orange orchid and inclusion of pale pink with the more bold and true fall colors. Also dig those funky pumpkins and gourds lining the stairs. What a fun day at the orchard we will have some time next fall!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great day for teenage lovers (all the girls were walking around the high school today with balloons and teddy bears), for florists & Hallmark stores, and for the newly engaged.

Because for me, today was not about presents or flowers, although I got (and loved) both.

Today was about taking time out to really think about just how lucky I am.

Before you run away for fear that I get tooo gushy, I will wrap it up. I am sharing my Valentine’s Day thoughts from my couch, while homemade (seriously, from scratch) lasagna cooks in the oven. I’ve never made lasagna before, so we will see how it turns out.

And the gushy lovey-dovey side of me just had to make model my first lasagna after this one (found on Itsy Bitsy Foodies):

Adorable, right?

Well my lasagna is two-person sized, and I will return to this post in about 15 minutes with a picture of my efforts.

While my love-sagna cooks, my fiance is enjoying a video game in his new video gaming chair (who says I don’t give the best gifts?), with our little Emma sleeping on his lap. When dinner is ready, we are even going to eat at our new dining room table (rather than the coffee table).

We will use these awesome “His” and “Her” glasses given to us by our friend Alex & Cherie:

And here it is- my Valentine’s day domestic masterpiece!



Four years ago today Tim, our friend Brendan, and I went to see a show a friend of ours was in. The next day (February 15th), Tim and I would go on our official “first date”. Today marks our last Valentine’s day pre-marriage (and only V-Day as an engaged pair), and tomorrow will be the last time we celebrate our February 15th anniversary.

I can’t wait to start the count all over again on October 27, 2012.

Decisions on a Kitchen Aid.

Planning a wedding (and subsequent life together) requires a significant amount of decision making. And I haven’t even started dress shopping yet.

For Tim and I, some of the big decisions that probably stress other people out were incredibly simple for us. We were so fortunate to find a place we adored after only 2 days of looking, with an available date in our ideal three-week window. So fortunate that my parents were willing to meet us that day and check the place out themselves. In a window of about 5 hours, we suddenly were well on our way down the planning checklist.

Bridal party? Easy. Band? No brainer- we knew we wanted my friend Sheree’s band, just needed to figure out the details. Florist? First one we met, we loved. Photographer? Easy- we’ve already had such great experiences working with the lovely Amy of Focal Point Studios. And I’ve known my whole life I was doomed destined to be married by our family friend & my childhood minister.

For me, the big decisions have always been the easiest. (Tim & I both share similar tendencies when it comes to acting on impulse.)

But when it comes to the details… that is another story. Details keep me up at night. I do not lie awake at night pondering questions of the universe… just trying to decide which size tote bag from L.L.Bean will hold everything but not be too cumbersome. Seriously. In addition to being very detail-oriented, I am a bit of a workaholic, am pretty much obsessed with organizing all aspects of life and work into Google doc spreadsheets, and I have the patience of a 5 year old on Christmas morning.

While Tim demonstrates complete acceptance of my somewhat-manic tendencies, I am getting the sense that there are some details he does not need to discuss in great length.

For instance: what color Kitchen Aid mixer should we register for? (And men everywhere retreat into their video game room).

Really, though. I’ve been mulling over the decision for weeks now. And Tim has joined the discussion with only a faint hint of impatience.

If you didn’t know, the Kitchen Aid stand mixer is the gold standard in home baking. In an Amazon review:

“325 watts of mixing power make child’s play of creaming butter, kneading dough, and whipping cream. Standing about 15 inches high, jutting out a foot, and weighing more than a grown woman’s bowling ball, this stand mixer isn’t the sort of appliance you’ll wipe down and put away.” — wow, right?

I have used my mother’s Kitchen Aid many times and let me tell you- the thing is built like a tank. And I do not feel I am over exaggerating when I say that a Kitchen Aid mixer will probably change my life. I love to bake, and Tim loves it when I bake, and I am so looking forward to ditching my hand held mixer for this piece of baking machinery in the near future (at the risk of sounding presumptuous, I am perfectly aware we may not receive this item off our registry… but I will be buying it anyway so the debate is still valid).

Were I living alone and making this purchase, my color of choice would come as no shock to friends and family:

So lovely, yes?

If I pressed the issue, I am sure Tim would not refuse to accept this lovely pink appliance (whose purchase benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation) into our kitchen. In the spirit of partnership, however, I recognize this appliance (which will certainly remain exposed on our counter top) should match the kitchen decor we chose together.

Tim thinks we should get the Almond color.

Very practical. Goes with anything.

I disagree.

I say our stand mixer should make a statement. I say go big or go home. As a compromise, I present to you:

Majestic Yellow.

Like a pastel smiley-face emoticon.

It makes me smile. It matches our kitchen. (I love our yellow kitchen. It is bright and sunshiny. It is too small, but it is a cheerful place to cook).

To me, this Kitchen Aid says: “smile- it is sunny somewhere.” and “bake a cake with me right now.”

Today, we officially decided the Majestic Yellow KA will go on our registry. I will try not to change my mind (how pretty is the Pistachio color?)

Ultimately, this is a relatively meaningless detail. The lesson learned, however, is that making decisions as equal partners, and reaching a compromise that everyone is happy with, is well worth the discussion. (Even if the partner in the discussion is only half listening, doing the old ‘nod & smile’, and simultaneously slaying a dragon on his PS3).

I cannot wait to see this lovely mixing-machine in our kitchen. I am sure my cakes will taste so much better- partially because they will be blended by 325 watts of mixing power, and partially because they will be made with (here comes the cheese) love! Here is to perfect cupcakes, a long lasting kitchen appliance, and an even longer-lasting marriage, where miniscule details are only the subject of a blog post, and not a reason for sleepless nights.

Inspiration Board #1

After a couple weeks of pouring over pictures & wedding magazines and google searches, I’ve narrowed my ideas down a bit and am about 90% sure I’ve determined my color schemes for our fall wedding.

I created this inspiration board first, with some of my favorite pictures, to show my ideas of brown dresses, tan suits for the men, & orange, green and white flowers. We both LOVE the tie in this photo, which came from the Knot, but I can’t find any credits or information on who made it or where it came from. So the search is on for a similar tie with these colors!