Tuesday Things – Decorating with Radiant Orchid

I’m sure you’ve heard that the Pantone color of the year is “Radiant Orchid”. In theory, I am completely in love with the color. But I don’t have the first idea as to how to decorate with Radiant Orchid – and I’m not convinced it would work in the palette of my home. But, that’s not to say I can’t browse the web for some amazing inspiration!


I ADORE this painted office chair that Traci from Beneath My Heart made using the Pantone color of the year. And that office space – wow. So fresh & cheerful!


This space from Sköna Hem magazine is so sweet & charming – and the little pop of radiant orchid in that floor pillow is perfect!


It can feel formal and romantic:


Yet radiant orchid can also make for a fun & playful accent color. I love the juxtaposition of rustic & modern in this dining room:


What do you think? Could you see yourself incorporating “Radiant Orchid” into your home decor? Although I’m on the fence, I do have a little test pot of the Pantone paint sitting in my closet – I’m sure I’ll think of something fun to do with it!

DIY Arrow Picture Mobile

I am obsessed with using arrows in my home decorating right now. Maybe not as obsessed as I am with burlap (which made this arrow & burlap art from a couple weeks ago a double-win), but definitely feeling it. I think they are perfect for valentine’s day, but can be non-seasonal at the same time, which means I don’t have to pack something away after displaying it for just a few weeks. And this project combines my love for arrows with another unique way to display some of my favorite photos!


Here are the supplies you need to make your own arrow picture mobile:


Wooden Skewers (we use these to do veggies on the grill, so I’ve got a whole bunch in my pantry)

Feathers (mine are mixed earthy colors)



Wooden Beads

Pictures (I displayed some of my favorite new prints from a recent Social Print Studio order, as well as three more polaroid prints from Marianne Hope (they were in the same ‘love’ set that I used in this picture display).

Kraft Paper Heart Gift Tags (these are from the Target Dollar Spot!)


To make the arrows, tie three feathers to one end of the wooden skewer with twine. Thread a bead or two onto the dowel, and hot glue triangles of felt to the other end to form the arrow head.


Once I had three arrows made, I connected them with long pieces of twine – doing my best to keep everything even & well balanced. Then you’re ready to clip on your pictures!


The little clothes pins are from the Target dollar spot, too.


I tied the little kraft paper heart gift tags onto each arrow for the “cupid’s arrow” effect, and I could easily take them off after Valentine’s Day. The overall effect is not very Valentines-y, though, so I may very well just leave it as it is!


And, by the way, Social Print Studio is the most amazing photo printing service ever! It is such an easy way to print your Instagram pics, or any other photos you have on your phone, straight from their iPhone app. I’ve ordered their beautiful, matte finish 4×4 prints several times (last year I made a bunch of prints from our wedding & put them in a fun little book). The quality & the price are amazing, and the shipping speed is awesome too!


Right now this is hanging in our living room, though I have a feeling I am going to move it to the bedroom once we paint & redecorate (in a month or two). And of course, the pictures are completely interchangeable, too!


Well, I hope you liked this fun project! Thanks for stopping by!

January Highlights

Well, I don’t know about you… but I’m pretty sure that I just blinked and January was already over. HOLY COW this month flew by! Yes, my work weeks have averaged 60+ hours. Yes, it has been bitterly cold. And yes, I probably only earned a B+ in my Apartment Therapy January Cure attempt. BUT, on the bright side – I’ve managed to make some awesome projects to brighten my home through the winter (and somehow photograph them even though I feel like I am never home during daylight).

Here are some of my favorites from this past month, in case you haven’t visited in a while (or want a reminder of these super easy projects that YOU can do too)!


Here’s the rundown:

Top Row (left to right): 1) January started off with the creation of our Happy Jar, a place to keep track of special moments & happy things throughout 2014. 2) I made a pair of friendly dinosaur key chains for my bestie & me. 3) Quick tips for arranging grocery store flowers for your next dinner party!

Middle Row: 1) Whip out the mason jars & fill them with feathers, pictures & moss for a rustic, wintry vignette. 2) See how I made this giant burlap covered canvas arrow art! (Psst…it was SO easy!) 3) A little piece of monogram art made from a birch slice & wooden letter.

Bottom Row: 1) As part of that aforementioned January Cure w/ Apartment Therapy, I tackled this bathtub caulk issue (update on the bathroom refresh coming soon!) 2) Bringing some more love-related decorations into the home for Valentine’s Day (and general winter cheer), I made an easy heart shaped twig & berries wreath. 3) Probably my favorite project of the month, this rustic photo display was a cinch to make, and is an awesome way to display beautiful prints in a unique manner!

What awesome things did you accomplish this month?  I’m excited for February – there’s Valentine’s Day, plus good old President’s Day (and a day off from school!), and it will bring us just that much closer to warmer weather and longer, sunnier days!

Have a great Friday & a wonderful weekend!

Twig & Berries Heart Wreath

I’m a hopeless romantic – so naturally I’m a fan of Valentine’s day. Even so, it’s not typically a holiday I pay much attention to or overtly decorate for. Being a cheesy, lovey-dovey person in general, you’ll find hearts all over my home no matter the season. But this year, adding a few touches of romance & warmth to my decor has been a welcome distraction during these bitter cold, dead-of-winter days. My display of this burlap arrow & simple burlap & felt heart art is probably my favorite scene in the house right now, but this cozy little corner is a close second.


I moved my lazy-girl’s DIY framed chalkboard over to a new spot after Christmas (I can never leave anything in one place for long – it’s a problem), and I made this twig & red berry wreath for a rustic, valentine’s day touch.


To make the wreath, I used a heart shaped twig wreath (found at Michael’s) and some red berry garland I had in my Christmas decoration bins (we used it on our tree last Christmas).


Using wire cutters, I snipped off sprigs of berries, and stuck them into the twig wreath. It couldn’t have been easier!


The framed chalkboard is hanging on a nail, but I used a small command hook right above the frame to hold the wreath – tied up with some twine.


I’m playing around with chairs in this corner – and eventually hope to find a cool statement piece. For now, I’m using one of our dining table chairs – draped with an alpaca throw I bought in Peru & a burlap pillow we’ve had since our wedding.


One habit that I definitely inherited from my mother is the desire to constantly change my decor, rearrange furniture, and experiment with new ways of decorating with the things that I have. The framed chalkboard has been on three different walls since I made it, and I’ve loved it everywhere!


Do you constantly move things around in your home, too? Or do you stick with a great set-up once you’ve found it?

Well, here’s to a happy Monday and a great week ahead! Thanks for stopping by!


My January Cure – Bathroom Project

My buddy Lauren over at Stay Home With Me & I decided to attempt Apartment Therapy’s January Cure this winter – as a part of our mutual decision to kick of 2014 with a positive & organized bang. I’ve really been enjoying receiving my regular email from Apartment Therapy each morning – containing the daily assignment for the cure. I’ve been attempting to keep up – although it has not been particularly easy with my busy weekends & 50+ hour work weeks. I feel wonderful every time I complete a task, and I’ve gotten a whole lot of great new ideas for keeping my home organized & clutter free. (Unfortunately, I’ve yet to implement all of these great ideas, which makes that ‘clutter free’ sentiment feel like a distant dream…) Nonetheless, I am pleased with the progress made thus far, and hope to completely catch up before the end of the month (for example, Assignment #13 is top priority…)


At the beginning of the month, I made a nice long list of all the problem areas in our home that I would like to tackle at some point. This list includes big projects – like the wallpaper I’d like to remove in our entryway, the baseboard I’d like to replace throughout the apartment, and the massive job of organizing our attic. I’ve also got dozens of smaller jobs on my list – like sorting out my craft supplies (ok, that one is maybe not such a small job), painting a room or two, and finishing the little gallery wall I started when the Christmas decorations came down.

But the project I chose to complete as per the cure was an update in our bathroom. The bathroom refresh included the following jobs:

– Remove the old, cracked caulk around the tub & re-caulk


– Paint the window trim, door & door trim white (the trim was an off-white/almondy ish color, and in need of some spackle/hole repair as well).


– Paint the ceiling white


– Refresh the decor.

Our hands are pretty tied with the color of the tile right now – as we are not able to do a huge tile job in the near future. I’m not in love with the color (or having a fully tiled bathroom in general) – but I have to live with it. I hope that adding some crisp white trim & some fun new accessories will help. We’ve decided phase one will be paint & new accessories, and in phase two (later this Spring, perhaps) we will try to replace the sink, vanity, TP holder, towel rack, etc. – which is not going to be a walk in the park, as there will be holes in tile, etc. Uhg.

Anyway, after a nice long weekend & an extra snow day to boot, I’ve made significant progress. The tub is caulked & the trim is painted, and we’re hiring help to deal with the ceiling (there is some water damage/work that needs to be done to avoid mildew down the road).


I also picked up some fun new towels & accessories from Target (with perfect timing from a Cartwheel coupon on Threshold bath accessories!).

And, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the saga of the ceramic deer head. Sniff. I debated whether I wanted to use this $7 find (from TJ Maxx back in December) as a towel holder. I decided to go for it – and I loved it with all my heart. I named him Roger. 24 hours later, Roger was in about 100 pieces on the floor… as was my heart.

photo 4

What home projects have you been up to lately? Anyone else doing the January Cure? Have you lost any ceramic animal buddies lately?

Burlap + Arrows Canvas

This was an incredibly easy project – and a great way to finally make use of the giant canvas I had in my closet for over a year. I bought it during a sale at Michael’s, but had a hard time committing to how I wanted to use it. Every time I saw it in my closet, I felt its blank whiteness staring back at me and begging me to put it to use! So here is how I made this campy burlap arrow art that I showed you yesterday in my wintry, sorta valentine-sy vignette.


I started by covering the canvas with a big piece of burlap (which I cut free handed to fit inside the canvas – I wanted the rustic look of the rough & uneven edges). I used both spray adhesive and mod podge to secure it to the canvas.


I started by applying a heavy coat of mod podge to one edge of the burlap with a foam brush – from about an inch from the burlap edge to the end of the canvas.


Then I rolled the burlap up and covered the canvas with spray adhesive, and then stretched the burlap back out, smoothing it with the palms of my hands. I then applied mod podge around the other three edges.

Once everything dried, I used a black sharpie to draw the design.


I went over the design a couple times to make it nice and dark.


I am seriously lacking in the art department – but since this only required drawing a bunch of straight lines, I felt like I could manage. It’s so simple and handmade looking… which I kind of love.


Do you have any blank canvases sitting in your closet just waiting to be turned into art? Well get cracking – it’s a new year & a perfect time to create some new original art for your home! And let me know what you’ve created lately, I’d love to see!

Rustic Valentine’s Day Decor

I know, I know – Valentine’s day is still a month away. But this is not a very valentine-sy post. I just didn’t really know what else to title this post. Since it’s that awkward time of the winter, when Christmas decorations are gone, and it’s really too cold to break out all my yellow springtime stuff – I’ve put together a rustic, wintery/sorta valentinesy vignette above the buffet cabinet in our dining area.


One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to buy less & create more – and so this scene is compiled entirely of things I had, plus a few newly crafted items.


I’m still in love with burlap, in case you hadn’t noticed. I will show you how I made the burlap arrow art tomorrow. The second piece is a burlap wrapped canvas (how exciting is it that Michael’s is carrying these now?) with a red felt heart glued to its center. I am debating adding something to that one – but for now I enjoy it’s simplicity and contrast.


The lantern is one of the pair I purchased on craigslist for our wedding (originally from Ikea, I believe). The large mason jar is rockin’ some feathers, the baby jar is filled with moss & a tea light candle, and I stuck one of my Print Studio photo squares of me & the hubs into a third jar for a fun twist on the traditional picture frame.


Two of these books (Paper to Petals and Modern Rustic) were Christmas gifts that I am so in love with. Those birch candles are from our wedding reception centerpieces. Ahh…memories!


I threw a simple burlap runner on our pedestal table, and my three Pottery Barn mercury glass vases (a wedding gift) are serving as a centerpiece for now.


So there’s some of my decor for the winter months – and since I threw in a red heart, it should last me a good month or so!


How about you? Have you packed away all your holiday decorations? Do you decorate for Valentine’s day, or just hold out for the cheery colors of Spring that we get to bring back in just a few months?

Have a wonderful week!