Burlap + Arrows Canvas

This was an incredibly easy project – and a great way to finally make use of the giant canvas I had in my closet for over a year. I bought it during a sale at Michael’s, but had a hard time committing to how I wanted to use it. Every time I saw it in my closet, I felt its blank whiteness staring back at me and begging me to put it to use! So here is how I made this campy burlap arrow art that I showed you yesterday in my wintry, sorta valentine-sy vignette.


I started by covering the canvas with a big piece of burlap (which I cut free handed to fit inside the canvas – I wanted the rustic look of the rough & uneven edges). I used both spray adhesive and mod podge to secure it to the canvas.


I started by applying a heavy coat of mod podge to one edge of the burlap with a foam brush – from about an inch from the burlap edge to the end of the canvas.


Then I rolled the burlap up and covered the canvas with spray adhesive, and then stretched the burlap back out, smoothing it with the palms of my hands. I then applied mod podge around the other three edges.

Once everything dried, I used a black sharpie to draw the design.


I went over the design a couple times to make it nice and dark.


I am seriously lacking in the art department – but since this only required drawing a bunch of straight lines, I felt like I could manage. It’s so simple and handmade looking… which I kind of love.


Do you have any blank canvases sitting in your closet just waiting to be turned into art? Well get cracking – it’s a new year & a perfect time to create some new original art for your home! And let me know what you’ve created lately, I’d love to see!


Rustic Valentine’s Day Decor

I know, I know – Valentine’s day is still a month away. But this is not a very valentine-sy post. I just didn’t really know what else to title this post. Since it’s that awkward time of the winter, when Christmas decorations are gone, and it’s really too cold to break out all my yellow springtime stuff – I’ve put together a rustic, wintery/sorta valentinesy vignette above the buffet cabinet in our dining area.


One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to buy less & create more – and so this scene is compiled entirely of things I had, plus a few newly crafted items.


I’m still in love with burlap, in case you hadn’t noticed. I will show you how I made the burlap arrow art tomorrow. The second piece is a burlap wrapped canvas (how exciting is it that Michael’s is carrying these now?) with a red felt heart glued to its center. I am debating adding something to that one – but for now I enjoy it’s simplicity and contrast.


The lantern is one of the pair I purchased on craigslist for our wedding (originally from Ikea, I believe). The large mason jar is rockin’ some feathers, the baby jar is filled with moss & a tea light candle, and I stuck one of my Print Studio photo squares of me & the hubs into a third jar for a fun twist on the traditional picture frame.


Two of these books (Paper to Petals and Modern Rustic) were Christmas gifts that I am so in love with. Those birch candles are from our wedding reception centerpieces. Ahh…memories!


I threw a simple burlap runner on our pedestal table, and my three Pottery Barn mercury glass vases (a wedding gift) are serving as a centerpiece for now.


So there’s some of my decor for the winter months – and since I threw in a red heart, it should last me a good month or so!


How about you? Have you packed away all your holiday decorations? Do you decorate for Valentine’s day, or just hold out for the cheery colors of Spring that we get to bring back in just a few months?

Have a wonderful week!

Grocery Store Floral Arrangement

I had a holiday dinner party a couple weeks ago, and grabbed some roses from my nearest Trader Joes, as well as some extra filler flowers from my local grocery store to put together my own centerpiece arrangement. I’ve never tried this before, so for my first attempt I was really pleased with the results!


The colors in this arrangement are perfect for Valentine’s day, too – so if you’re already in planning mode for a special dinner date, this would be a great addition to your table!

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve learned a couple great tricks that helped turn my grocery store stems into a beautiful arrangement.


I used a simple, short & square glass vase for this one – but next time I will definitely be branching out with my vessel choices. The first step is to tape off (simple scotch or masking tape will do) your vase into partitions. You can tape it into either four or six sections – I went with four.


Start with your hanging greens/filler stems, and balance out each of your four quadrants. I used a mix of greens – like ferns, some form of evergreen, and some other green stuff that I don’t know the name of. I also used some gold-painted leaves for some added glam.


Next, I added the white mums, again filling each quadrant so they were equally balanced. The roses went in last – plus a few glittery decorative pieces that were in the filler bunch from the grocery store.


I was pretty proud of my first attempt at arranging flowers like a grown-up, considering my typical practice is to do a quick diagonal cut on the stems and plop them in a vase. Flowers make me smile, no matter how you plop-em, BUT I totally love this!


Where do you buy your flowers? Are you lucky enough to have a market or local florist where you can pick up pretty blooms – or are you a grocery store flower girl like me?

Tissue Paper + Gold Barcart Banner

Hey friends! I hope you all had a wonderful, restful holiday. Ours was busy, filled with family & friends, and wonderful as always. Despite feeling a bit sad when the Christmas excitement comes to an end, I love the week between Christmas and New Years (which I am always so fortunate to have off with my husband, since we’re both in education). We are always so productive – in between visiting family and spending time with friends. It’s a great time to organize, clear the clutter, and refresh for a nice new start in the new year.


Do you have wild & exciting plans for NYE? Are you having a celebration of your own? Maybe you’ve got a barcart that needs some dressing up – in which case this little DIY is just for you!


My wonderful husband gave me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas! I can’t even express how excited I am to figure out everything I can do with this baby. As a little “tester”, I used it to make these letters out of gold mirror cardstock. When it started ‘cutting’, I yelled for my husband to come and see how awesome it was! I know I’m super late to the Silhouette party, but boy am I happy to be here now!


Anyway, you can cut the letters any old way, if you don’t have a Silhouette. Then I folded a sheet of tissue paper in half and taped the letters onto the paper.


I then cut the garland into strips, and taped some pretty white & gold baker’s twine (from the dollar spot at target!) into the center of each strip.


Now my bar cart is all dressed up and ready to party!


I’m also obsessed with some of the other items on my cart right now (still lots of holiday stuff, I won’t take that down until after NYE) -like these awesome fox glasses from Paper Source (another Christmas gift from my amazing husband, though neither of us can tell you what they say).


They match my fox-topped cocktail shaker bought on sale at Target last week.


Our bar cart is stocked to the max with wine (holiday gifts from friends, coworkers, etc.) and two random bottles of tequila that we will probably never drink.


But who knows. Things might get crazy. Cheers! 🙂

That’s a Wrap!

I’m back again with one last post before Christmas. I am looking forward to a few days filled with family, food & drinks! Christmas is most definitely my favorite time of year. As a child, I would be up all night on Christmas Eve filled with excitement about what gifts I might receive the next morning. Now, I get giddy with glee over the gifts I have wrapped and ready to give!


Here are a few of the ways I’ve decorated my packages this year. I stuck with my rustic Christmas theme, which you saw this morning with my rubber stamped wood gift tags. I used lots of Kraft paper, twine & ribbon, and rubber stamped just about everything in sight.


Some of the leftover artificial boxwood I used to make my mini boxwood wreaths made for pretty toppers.



The gifts for my cute little niece and nephews got some fun touches, like this jingle bell topped package:


And this one, topped with a blue dinosaur (a little preview of what’s inside…shh!)


For those small & special gifts, I decorated gift boxes with ribbon & topped them with some mini bottle brush trees.


And, sometimes, simple is the sweetest way to go…


So there you have it, my simple & rustic gift wrap for this Christmas! How about you? Do you stick to a theme when wrapping holiday gifts, or do you go for mixed colors & patterns? Are you done wrapping, or will you be pulling an all-nighter on Christmas Eve? Make sure you listen for sleigh bells!

Wishing you and yours the merriest and happiest of Christmases!

Rubber Stamped Wood Gift Tags

I can’t believe Christmas is only two days away! I’ve scheduled two(!) wrapping-related posts for today, in case you are looking for some last minute ideas. I have work today, and we will be traveling on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I managed to finish all of my wrapping already in preparation! It was a long process, but is probably my favorite pre-Christmas activity each year. I love admiring every gift one last time, and imagining how happy it will make the family member or friend it is intended for. I also LOVE wrapping and experimenting with ribbons, string, toppers and more. Hence today’s wrapping posts!


First up – a simple little DIY gift tag/topper in line with my rustic Christmas theme this year. You can buy a little bag of these slices of birch at Michael’s for $1.99, or, if you live in the country/woods, you can cut your own!


Screw little eye hooks into the tops of the wood pieces to turn them into gift tags, toppers, and/or ornaments!


I used my trusty alphabet rubber stamps to create little tags that can be used as ornaments once the gift has been opened!


This one is going to a sweet little baby celebrating her first Christmas this year!


I hope you enjoy these simple little toppers!


Good luck with all of your wrapping and final preparations! I’ll be back in a few hours with one more wrapping post before I sign off for a few days!

DIY Holiday Card Display

It’s that time of year, when the mailbox is filled each day with beautiful holiday cards from people far more organized and productive than me! I love getting holiday cards from friends and family members, mostly featuring adorable babies these days. I always try to come up with a fun new way to display our cards, and this year I created this rustic, painted wood holder!

DIY Holiday Card Display

This was something I completely threw together out of stuff I had lying around. I had some leftover pieces of 1×3 pine from another (secret gift!) Christmas project, and so I just grabbed one and gave it a quick coat of white paint.

photo 15

Then I painted the tops of some clothespins a nice holiday red, glued them to the wood (four inches apart) and hot glued some mini bottle brush trees to them!


I didn’t want all of my friend’s babies showing up on Pinterest someday without their knowledge, so I snapped the pic above with some non-photo cards (like my favorite postcards from Rifle Paper Co. seen below!)


In real life, however, you can picture this whole thing full of pretty families! A great reminder of all the wonderful people in our lives!

photo 23

What about you? How do you display your holiday cards? I’d love to hear about/see your ideas! And can you believe there are only 5 more days until Christmas! Oooh I am just getting so excited!!