DIY Minimalist Dream Catcher

I’ve lately become intrigued by dream catchers – and have wanted to take a stab at making my own version of the traditional Native American emblem. That said, I had very little confidence in my ability to weave the beautiful, intricate patterns found in a traditional dream catcher. This minimalist, modern take requires very little skill – and while it may not be very effective at catching dreams, it sure is pretty!



12 ” Gold Macrame Ring

White Suede Lace

Jute Twine & White String

Wooden Beads

Feathers (not pictured)

Scissors & Hot Glue Gun


Using a dab of hot glue to secure the suede at your starting point, begin to wrap the suede lace tightly around the ring.


I decided to go about 3/4 of the way around the ring with the suede. I also decided to paint my nails for the first time in approximately eight months, so… yay me.

Dreamcatcher3Next, I stretched some more suede lace into a triangular-ish pattern – again using hot glue to attach the ends.


Before I glued down the end, I strung on some beads, and arranged them in random places around the pattern. A dab of hot glue under the bottom bead keeps them from sliding around too much.


Next, I looped on some jute twine and white string, in alternating order, on the bottom of my ring.

Dreamcatcher6Finally, I attached beads & feathers to the bottoms of the strings.


The whole thing took about thirty minutes to make – and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result!


Here she is hanging over our headboard – ready to catch a dream or two!


Are you a fan of dream catchers? I’ve never had one before, but I’m definitely enjoying this one!

Embroidered Wall Hanging (From a Placemat!)


So, I was strolling through Target, admiring ceramic snails and galvanized metal trays (seriously, Target’s Threshold line is my favorite ever), when I happened upon a lovely section of clearance items. This placemat immediately caught my eye – I loved the colors, and loved the price tag even more!


I grabbed the only remaining two, but with very little intention of using them as actual placemats. Here’s how I created this super cheerful wall hanging for around $2!



Cloth Placemat

Embroidery Thread

Square Dowel

Wood Glue

Needle (with a bigger eye for the embroidery thread)

Not pictured – straight pins & twine


I printed out a nice large “hello” in my favorite font – Sacramento – and pinned it in place.

I doubled the thread to ensure my letters stood out nicely, and then began to stitch along the center of the lettering. (I added an inch or so of lead in to the h).


I did not worry too much about keeping the stitches consistent – I found it worked nicely to do longer stitches for the straight parts of each letter, and smaller stitches around the curves.


After I traced all the letters, I tied the thread off securely in the back, and then very carefully removed the paper. I cut the excess paper away, and carefully pulled/tore the paper in pieces while making sure the stitching stayed intact.


The final step was to use the wood glue to attach the dowel to the top of the placemat, and then to tie a piece of twine for hanging it.


I am so, so happy with this. The colors are so springy and fun!


Make anything awesome for two bucks lately? Or find a fun new use for something ordinary, like a placemat?

Breakfast-Themed Gift Basket


Happy Monday, guys! I’m ready to kick off your week with an idea for a lovely birthday, hostess, or just-because gift. I assembled this as a birthday gift for one of my dearest friends, and sort of love the way it turned out.


The inspiration for this gift basket came from this adorable spreading knife from the beautiful For Such a Time Designs Esty shop. Shop owner Aly designs the most charming hand stamped vintage silverware – like this pair of his & hers ice cream spoons I purchased for Valentine’s Day.


The minute I saw this knife, I knew I wanted to buy it for my musically-inclined friend. The rest of the basket just came to be after one of my regular Sunday trips to Target!


In the gift basket: White Cappuccino Mug, Tea Towel, Mason Jar Soy Candle, Apricot Preserves (all from Target, including the basket/tray) & the This is my jam hand-stamped vintage knife from For Such a Time Designs.


Assemble your items of choice (I threw in some K-cups for good measure), and gift away!


DIY Wood Photo Frames


After using some of the prints my latest order of matte 4 x 4 photo squares from Social Print Studio in my DIY Arrow Picture Mobile, I still have a whole bunch left – which means I get to keep working on fun & creative ways to display them!

These DIY wooden frames are a cinch to make – and the are super inexpensive, which makes them even better!


To make your own wood frames (which can easily be customized to any shape or size), you will need:

Balsam Wood Square Dowels (I buy mine at Michael’s for >>>>> each)

X-Acto Knife and Cutting Mat (or any cutting board)


Wood Glue

Photos! (Again, my prints are 4×4 squares ordered from Social Print Studio).

Optional: Wood stain or paint (not pictured). I used some Miniwax dark walnut stain that I had on hand for one of my frames.


Measure your cuts so the frame will fit nicely over the edges of your photo. I cut two pieces to 4″, and 2 pieces to 3 1/4″.


Use sandpaper to even the rough edges after you make your cuts, and then glue the frame together using wood glue. Then stain or paint if you wish – or leave the wood natural. I attached the photos to the backs of the frames with small pieces of double stick tape – and they are holding well. You could glue them, too, for a more permanent hold.


I love that you could make a whole bunch of these, and paint/stain them to suit your decor – for just a few bucks!


The photograph on the left is of my Mommom when she was around 10 years old – sometime in the early 1940’s. I love this particular photo so much – she looks so beautiful.


Have some photographs lying around that really deserve to be framed and displayed? Get on that – these frames could not be simpler!


February Highlights

Hi friends! I’m back! It was a crazy busy few weeks, and while I can’t say my schedule has really calmed down a great deal, I am ready to get back to it here at Some Kind of Lovely Ride!

March is here – so let’s take a second to review some of my favorite projects from February!


Top: 1) This Wire Wrapped Cement Planter was a fun and easy DIY using quick set cement. 2) I loved putting together this Arrow Picture Mobile, using some DIY-ed arrows as hangers and displaying some of my favorite prints from Social Print Studio!

Middle: 1) I made these cute heart decals with washi tape & an X-Acto knife – a fun five minute DIY! 2) Feeling the love for V-Day, I strung up a garland of mini doilies & pretty white feathers.

Bottom: 1) For one last Valentine’s Day project, I shaped this heart out of wire & wrapped it in pink twine. This is super customizable to any shape, letter, word, whatever! 2) Before taking a break to focus on my day job, I shared some of my office/work/productivity essentials.

I am SO looking forward to the start of Spring (which you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram – can you say tulip addict?)