Wrapped Wire Heart

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! I had a kind of stinky weekend, but I’ve got quite a week ahead and am determined to get through it with a smile. The good news is there is a three day weekend on the horizon, not to mention the promise of a lovely date night with my beau in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, today I want to share a really easy Wrapped Wire Heart DIY.


This was one of those “let me experiment with this random stuff I have in my craft closet while watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony” projects. (Who wants one of those white furry vest & hat ensembles for this cold winter?? I do!)

So to make your own wrapped wire heart (or letter, star, or any other shape), you’ll need three things:

Wire (I used this kind)

String, Yarn, Twine, or whatever you want to wrap it with!  (I used pink jute twine from Michael’s)

Hot Glue Gun


All you have to do is bend your wire into the shape of your choice, and then wrap it! Use hot glue at the start & finish to keep everything in place, and that’s it!


You could make a few of these and string ’em on a garland, or make a mobile, or use them in a gallery wall on a teeny nail. Oh, the possibilities!


Have a wonderful day!


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