Burlap + Ribbon Tree Wall Hanging

Yup, you guessed it… more burlap!


I made this wall hanging from my large assortment of Christmas ribbon. It took about 15 minutes to determine the layout, cut my ribbons, and hot glue them onto a rectangle of burlap.


I only burnt myself twice on the hot glue gun, so I’ll go ahead and chalk this one up as an epic success.


Our Christmas tree, as you can see, is burlap, gold + red, plus a whole assortment of woodland creatures. It’s rustic and glittery all at once, like this ribbon tree, and that makes my heart happy.


I glued a strip of cardboard to the top of the burlap, and then glued on a piece of jute twine to hang the art. Easy as they come, folks – and if you’ve got a bunch of ribbon & burlap, like me, it will be completely free!


I’m off to enjoy a weekend in NYC with the hubby – there will be lots of eating, drinking, window shopping, and jostling through crowds! I hope you have a great weekend, too!


6 thoughts on “Burlap + Ribbon Tree Wall Hanging

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