DIY Shower Decor – Hanging Globes, Lanterns & Tissue Paper Flowers

Possibly my favorite part of the decor for Priscila’s travel themed bridal shower was the lovely hanging display of globes and paper lanterns in my parents’ oak tree.


My father and my uncle Gary teamed up to hang the collection of globes and lanterns from the tree branches – with my father bravely hopping up on a ladder to string them up!


The inflatable globes are from Oriental Trading Company,  as are the white paper lanterns.


To make the tissue paper flowers (tutorial adapted from Studio DIY):

1. Cut four sheets of tissue into 6×6 inch squares, and fold the square twice over.

2. Cut a petal shape through the folded sheets, and then open the layers and lay them on top of each other in alternating directions.

3. Fold the sheets in half, and cut a small slit through the center, than slip some floral stamens or – in my case – q-tips (nothing like working with what you have, right?), and fold the sheets up to form a flower.

4. Simply wrap some clear tape around the base of the tissue & stems to secure the flower. Give ’em a fluff and you’re set!


I hot glued the flowers to the sides of the paper lanterns, and glued ribbons to the bottom.


I loved the way the ribbons blew in the breeze all afternoon. It was like a little magical fairyland out in our backyard!



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