Travel Themed Bridal Shower – Part 1

Our surprise bridal shower for Priscila was so much fun to plan & create for. I’ll be sharing projects and highlights in posts to come, so today I will begin with an overview of the theme & party and some of my favorite decor details!


As I explained yesterday, the travel theme was really a no-brainer for this shower, as Priscila and Michael are from two different continents, and met on a third! In addition to lots of maps, globes, & other travel references, we featured a broad color palette in the decor. I took inspiration from that lovely woven bouquet of flowers seen here on the mantle display:


Priscila gave me the flowers – they are handwoven & crafted by Peruvian artists. The mantle features, in addition to some of our favorite globes, a collection of Peruvian souvenirs given to my mother and I by Priscila over the years. Traditional Peruvian art and design is so brightly colored – and so we totally embraced the bold, bright and cheerful colors!


Additional decor details included DIY garlands and beautiful fresh flowers cut from my mother’s garden displayed in blue mason jars.


My two favorite displays were the dessert table (I loved compiling both re-purposed and DIY-ed pieces to create the food display),


followed closely by the magical setting we created on the back patio, by hanging inflatable globes and paper lanterns adorned with tissue paper flowers from my parent’s beautiful oak tree.


We also DIY-ed the favor boxes and “baggage claim” display:


And set up an interactive area in the foyer, where guests were invited to write a postcard to Priscila & leave their initials on every country they’ve visited on a large laminated map!


Stay tuned for more details & DIY tutorials. At the completion of the series, I will post a full list of projects & vendors/sources!


7 thoughts on “Travel Themed Bridal Shower – Part 1

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