Doable DIY // Put Stickers on Things

These sweet Martha Stewart flower stickers (maybe the grown-up word is “embellishments”?) were marked down to $1.99 at Michael’s. Clearly I could not pass up something this lovely!


I decided to use them to add some charm to a few everyday objects around the house.


This plain, cork pencil cup got a makeover with some pink baker’s twine & a sticker.


I wish I could remember where I got those pencils – I would guess Michael’s but I’m not sure. I love them.


And I applied the same twine & sticker treatment to a glass vase holding some peonies. (Isn’t peony season just the best ever?)


I got the flowers at my local grocery store. I plan to steal loads of peonies from my mother’s garden when I visit home this weekend, so watch out, Mom!


I love these stickers. I want about seven hundred more to stick to every boring object in my house.


Totally doable, right?

Have you found anything amazingly lovely for a bargain at your local craft store lately? Are you digging the peonies, or do you have a different favorite flower of the season?


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