5 DIY Projects for Dog Lovers

It’s no secret around here that I am obsessed with my dog. I have an Emma Pinterest Board to stash funny & creative dog-related projects that would be perfect for my lil’ girl. So if, by chance, you are equally obsessed with your doggie companion – here are 5 great DIY projects for you to try your hand at – and for your pup to enjoy!

1) DIY Dog Pillows

Let’s get real. It’s only a matter of time until I make a pillow that looks like my dog. The dog-loving geniuses behind Bark Box shared this great tutorial for making your very own doggie pillow!


2) Classic Canvas Dog Tote

Leave it to Martha to come up with a practical-yet-lovely way to tote around a little dog. This tutorial from Martha Stewart uses an L.L. Bean canvas bag & a little ingenuity!


3) Dog Bed Suitcase DIY

This has got to be the loveliest dog bed I’ve ever laid eyes on! And the tutorial – from Ruche Blog – is easy to follow & full of great photos.


4) DIY Crate Dog Bed

Another dog bed option from Home Frosting – I can’t get over how cool this looks.  If only Emma would humble enough herself to a dog bed… she’s a lap & human furniture/bed kind of dog. (Translation = her parents are horrible dog trainers and we spoil our four legged child like there is no tomorrow.)


5) DIY Dog Tail Hook Wall Organizer

And finally, a project that it sure to make you giggle every time you hang your keys/hat/coat. I am obsessed with the look of this set of IKEA dog-tail hooks on a great piece of reclaimed wood. Head on over to Condo Blues for the tutorial!


So what do you guys think of all these great doggie-DIYs? Can I get a woof – woof?!



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