State Love

ShelfI was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I love soft pretzels, the Phillie Phanatic, and the rivers of Pittsburgh. I moved to New Jersey five years ago, and while I’ve loved the Jersey Shore my whole life (and spent my summers there for as long as I can remember), I was still resistant to the idea of becoming a “Jersey Girl.”

No offense to Snookie or Theresa Guidice… but Jersey Girl is pretty much synonymous with big hair, leopard print attire, and table flipping these days. (I do secretly love Theresa though, I cannot lie).

dish-053012-necessay-roughness-2Image Source: Bravo TV

Nevertheless, a Jersey Girl I am, thanks to five years of residence, a Jersey-born hubby, and the occasional “aw” sound that accidentally slips into my daily conversations (I cringe every time I catch myself saying “”tawlk…”)

I still take pride in the fact that I know how to pump my own gas. But I also really like not having to do that when it’s cold & rainy, so…womp womp.

I’m a big fan of state & region inspired art, and I’ve got my eye on some Pennsylvania-based art to pay tribute to my roots – like this lovely watercolor print and this rustic wood piece. (birthday hint for any relatives or husbands that might be reading…)

So decided to create my own State Love art to represent the state where I met & married my love! This yellow New Jersey piece was an easy project – using cardstock & scrapbook paper. The little heart is over Hope, New Jersey – the quaint little town where we tied the knot.


To make my New Jersey art, I used this this image of an outline of the state (link will take you to a PDF).

I put it into a Microsoft Word document, and flipped the image so that I could print it directly onto my yellow scrapbook paper, cut it out, and turn it around to have a line-less yellow New Jersey.

NJStateArtI glued the cut out state onto white cardstock, and then glued on a little red heart (just cut freehand from red scrapbook paper). I popped the entire piece inside a white frame matted to 8 x 10 – and boom! Let the fist pumping commence!

ArtworkShelfMy new artwork is hanging out on a new shelf we installed a few weeks ago (there is a long story behind the shelf which I’m sure I’ll get around to telling someday soon…) It’s hanging out with my Gnome Sweet Gnome stenciled canvas, along with a yellow gnome candle from Target, a white “C” and a jar of cute little daisies. I love the yellow & the combination of these two handmade and personal pieces in our living room!


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