DIY Party Crackers

It wouldn’t be Christmas dinner at my parent’s house without party crackers/poppers. The decorative tubes filled with treats, toys, paper crowns, and/or riddles are an old English tradition that my family loves. When I decided to set up my holiday tablescape, the place settings simply did not look complete to me without a cracker to top them off! Rather than purchasing some, I decided to make my own simplified version of party “crackers” – in quotations because my quick & easy substitutes do not actually crack or pop. (If you’re feeling super ambitious, Pottery Barn offers a tutorial for making authentic, cracking English Crackers!)

HolidayTable2Since I only needed to create my crackers to shoot photos of my tablescape, I decided to take the easy way out. We’ll call these the “lazy girl holiday crackers.” They still look cute, and they still contain a treat, so that’s two important factors still in play, here. They would still be fun to pull apart at a dinner party!

DIYCrackersHere’s what you need to create your own:

-Cardboard tubes (either TP or Paper towel tubes, depending on the size you want)

-Wrapping paper

-Small toys, pieces of candy, message strips, confetti, etc.


-Double-sided tape

Cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to cover the tube, with 2-3 inches of extra paper on each end of the tube. Place strip of double-sided tape across the cardboard tube & secure the first end of the paper in place. Roll the paper around the tube & secure the end with double-sided tape.


Carefully fill the wrapped-up tube with your candy/toy/etc., and complete the cracker by tying the ends with ribbon.

crackercandyThere are so many fun ways you can personalize these – you can mix up the paper, the secret treats inside, the ribbons & the size to make the perfect crackers for your dinner party!


I love this kind of quick, easy & inexpensive DIY!


3 thoughts on “DIY Party Crackers

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