Wedding Day Pocket Timelines

If I haven’t given this away by now- I am a bit of a control freak. And that is saying it nicely.

I suppose I have always been this way – for as my mother likes to say, I never take on a new project or join a new group unless I think I’ll be able to take over and run it myself someday. It’s a sickness. It’s why I should never get involved with politics – because then I might stand in the way of Hilary’s chance at becoming the first woman president. (Ok- that’s probably a bit of a reach, but you catch my drift).
So when it came to wedding planning, I was organized, meticulous, and controlling. Not in a “Bridezilla” kind of way (I don’t think, anyway), but in a “I’m not going to ask for help because I can just do it myself” kind of way.

The most stressful moments for me on the day of (and the few days before) were, in fact, when I was forced to sit still. Or sleep. I was much calmer when I was doing something then when, for example, I had to sit for an hour and have my nails done (and wait for them to dry). TORTURE, I tell you.

Two nights before the wedding, I slept at my parent’s house after spending the night DIY-ing favors & other last minute projects with my family and bridesmaids. I woke up in a panic when I realized my plan for an escort card display was not going to work. (I must have been visited in my sleep by the angel (or devil) of micro-managing brides). Using my iPhone to google alternatives (while trying not to let on that I was awake to my BFF sleeping in the bed next to me), I hatched a new plan at 4AM. Then I gave up trying to pretend I was asleep, got up, and DIY-ed my way through the next three hours until everyone else in the house woke up.

I recognized that on the day of our wedding, I would have to let go of this a little bit. There would things that I just couldn’t (and shouldn’t) worry about doing myself. My older brother, in fact, gave me a strict talking-to the day before our wedding, begging me to be a bit more “hands-off”. True to my character, I did not really listen, and I spent several hours the morning of our wedding hand placing & directing the layout, decor, etc. I just can’t help myself. (But the positive side of this is that we did not need to dish out the cashola for a wedding planner/coordinator, as I knew that it was nothing I (and my faithful cadre of family & friends) couldn’t handle!)

I DID count on help from my wonderful friends and family- and they outdid themselves (naturally. my family & friends rock). By Saturday afternoon, we were like a well-oiled machine of wedding miracle workers. To help keep the whole gang on track, I created a pocket timeline for our families and bridal party.

The timeline included the schedule for the day,

and some reminders on the back.

Things went relatively smoothly on the wedding day, though we did make the call around noon to NOT do the first look photo session (which, in the end, was a great decision). This timeline may have been overkill, but I felt much calmer knowing everybody involved in the wedding day was on the same page. It’s much easier for me to relax and enjoy myself when little is left to chance. (Control. Freak.)

You can download an editable word doc version of my timeline here. Just remember the fonts will not show up for you unless you already own Lavenderia & Campland – if you want to achieve the same look, purchase those two fonts and you’ll be good to go! (Also, I’ve discovered that MS Word does not make it very easy to ‘flip’ text – which you need to do for the top of the card – but I found some help tips here.)

If you create your own fun little timeline – I’d love to hear about it!


17 thoughts on “Wedding Day Pocket Timelines

  1. Hi everyone-
    You can now download my PDF file directly from this post (very bottom of post).
    If you have the Apple software Pages, I can email you the editable file. Otherwise, you can use the PDF to help you create your own.
    Thanks for the interest,

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  4. I’m intrigued and curious – what made you decide to not do the first look session? We tossed the idea around for quite a while (do we want to keep it traditional? Do we want the photographers to catch my fiance’s true, genuine reaction at the altar, or save ourselves some stress and time by doing it ahead of time?) and have decided to do it, at this point.

  5. Hey Laura!

    I’m curious how you got your initials in that adorable heart and arrow image. I would love to edit it to us in my own wedding day timeline!

    Thank you! From one control freak to another, this is a dynamite idea!

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