Wedding Installation #1: Invitations

As things begin to calm down here in Jersey following super storm Sandy (by the way, it is snowing right now as the first Nor’easter moves in. Like Jersey hasn’t had enough already!) I am finally ready to start sharing my wedding projects.

So let’s start at the very beginning (It’s a very good place to start).

Ok, Sound of Music lyric aside, perhaps this is not the very beginning of my wedding projects, but as I shared the easy Save the Dates we made at Wedding Paper Divas in the months leading up to the wedding, the next logical step is the official invitations! Our wedding invitations (and all of the associated day-of paper the follow) were a huge labor of love for me. I definitely obsessed over the design, and I definitely made my hubby a bit crazy showing him version after version that looked more or less identical- asking him to weigh in on font size, spacing, and a variety of other minor details.

At the end of the process, however, I had a final product that I was very happy with. I have absolutely zero graphic/stationary design background or experience, and for as much as I love typography, photography & design- I still haven’t invested in Photoshop yet! These invitations were designed using Pages (Apple’s word processing/publishing software).

The invitation design centered around this little image:

I purchased a customized wedding monogram stamp  from the Etsy shop Stamp Out Online, which I used throughout my wedding-related crafting. I scanned the stamped image into my computer to use it in my invitation design as well, and image wound up acting as a sort of “logo” for our wedding.

As I shared in this post, the fonts I used throughout my wedding paper products were Campland Letters & Symbols, and Lavenderia. I loved the way the two fonts looked together- a pairing of rustic simplicity & elegance. These two fonts helped to inspire the entire wedding design!

I tried to keep the invitation proper as simple as possible, utilizing an additional information card to relay the details, and a reception announcement card.

The reply card included a place for guests to share their “favorite love song” – I loved reading the sweet (and sometimes hilarious) responses from our friends & family!

After printing loads of proofs at home, and sampling a great variety of papers from Paper Source, I opted to send the job out to a local printing company for a nice crisp final product. I used Sand Laid paper in Ivory from Paper Source- which had a great texture and weight to it. I loved the way the ivory paper looked when paired with my Kraft paper envelopes!

I stamped the 3.5″ x 5″ reply card envelopes with a custom return address stamp from Etsy shop Note Trunk.

Organizing tip: I was warned by some married friends to be prepared to receive reply cards with no names (and I did!). Not wanting to be stuck searching for a nameless guest, I numbered each of my reply card envelopes. This turned out to be super helpful in tracking all returns!

The completed invitation was tied up like a little package with simple jute twine & adorned with a tiny kraft paper tag that I punched with a heart shaped paper punch.

My envelopes were hand addressed by the talented Elise of With Joy Calligraphy. They were perfect & she was amazing to work with! (Noticing an Etsy-trend? If my wedding were on public television, it would be billed “this wedding brought to you by the amazingly talented artists of Etsy!”)

I completely adored my finished invitations, and remember the thrill of sending them off in the mail! It was such fun to come home to a reply card or two in our mailbox every day during the RSVP time period. That was definitely when the whole wedding thing started to feel super real!



15 thoughts on “Wedding Installation #1: Invitations

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  3. First off, I love everything about your blog and your wedding looked beautiful!!!! I am super inspired.

    Now to the questions:]

    Where did you purchase your kraft paper?

    • Hi Calie,

      Thank you so much! I’ve still got loads more to share, but am waiting until I get my professional photos back.
      I purchased all of the paper I used for my invitations/menus/programs/other day of paper from Paper and More- at I found the prices reasonable & shipping fast. I recommend taking advantage of their ‘sampler packs’ of paper/envelopes, etc., if you are debating between textures or colors!

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