Closet Clean Up, Part 1!

Last weekend, a miracle occurred: I had a sudden, inexplicable desire to clean.

Ask my future hubby, ask my college roommates, ask my parents- for all of my type A, perfectionist tendencies… when it comes to bedrooms & closets, I am a slob. There is always something I would rather be doing than putting things away or folding clothes. Clean laundry will sit, unfolded, in my bedroom until it is so wrinkled I have to wash it again. My dresser drawers are typically open and overflowing, and my closets are a mess.

When the miraculous cleaning bug hit me last week, I had just received a shipment of some clear shoe boxes & shelf dividers from The Container Store- and I was inspired to tackle my two bedroom closets AND the hall linen closet. I did not think to snap a true before picture- however this is the state of my closet halfway through the process (I’d already taken everything out of the cube shelving on the floor to the left.)

The picture really does not to justice to how unorganized this whole situation really was. As everything came out, however, this was the scene in the bedroom:

I used the bed to sort through everything, and at the foot of the bed I piled up sweaters & fall/winter clothing to store in a bin in the attic.

The big cardboard box was used to collect bags and other random items that I plan to sell in a yard sale this summer. The garbage back was one of an eventual three bags filled with clothes to donate.

Once closet number one was emptied, I dedicated the top shelves of this closet to my bags (a collection which has grown in recent years, thanks mostly to my future mother-in-law).

These tall shelf dividers from The Container Store were really helpful in keeping my bags upright & neat. They fit easily over the shelves in my closet, and the tall size was perfect for containing bags & unruly handles. I used some bins I already had to organize items on the second half of the bottom shelf: casual/travel bags in the purple bin on the far left, hair tools in the polka dot bin, and wallets and clutches in the clear container.

The top shelf (which you can see a portion of) holds more bags, a fabric cube filled with scarves & gloves, and a plastic drawer that holds paperwork, some pictures & memorabilia.

I then filled up the cube shelving with neatly folded t-shirts, workout clothes & cardigans, and organized the top surface to hold makeup, lotion, etc.

I’ve utilized pretty much all of the available closet space, with my hamper & a guitar taking up floor space below my hanging shirts.

And by stashing lotion, makeup & hair stuff inside the closet, I cleared off the top of my dresser for a neater look (minus the random flower that has been wrapped around that mirror since I was about 17). 🙂

This only covers a portion of what I accomplished on one Saturday. It’s amazing what a little motivation (and a great playlist) can do- and once I started, I really couldn’t stop! I moved on to closet #2, linen closet, and desk all in the same day- so come back for the jaw-dropping results! (Jaw dropping for people who know me well. In fact, FH’s jaw certainly did drop when he walked in on me halfway through my cleaning frenzy last week. He helped by lifting full bins of clothing into the attic, and taking several trips downstairs with trash bags!


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