HGTV Blues

The future Mister & I have been watching a lot of HGTV over this long President’s Day weekend. If I was already fighting home-improvement urges/wishing-for-a-new-home-altogether (and I was), I am now in full-blown I-want-to-change-everything-about-our-house mode. Like…everything.

House Hunters is a fun show, especially the International version where wonderfully lucky people are off looking for their second home in Ireland, Bali or Italy. We watched a few episodes of House Hunters today, and watching other people go through the process brought us once again to our favorite conversation topic as of late.

“How long would it take us, if we really worked at it, to save X amount of dollars for a downpayment?” (Post-wedding, naturally).

“How much could we afford to pay per month on a mortgage?”

“Why don’t we move to Pennsylvania, or Colorado, or some other state where $350,000 gets you more than a teeny-tiny lot in an overcrowded area, and where the taxes are not practically as high as having a second mortgage?”

Anyway, if buying a home is out of the question for the time being- I am so desperate to make changes to our current apartment. And on HGTV, lucky people get their yards, kitchens, and bathrooms crashed by interior designers and turned into magical, homey places.

Another problem- we are not really a pair of Do-it-Yourself-ers. I like to do simple crafts and try to decorate things, but you won’t catch me refinishing a piece of furniture any time soon. And Tim is handy with power tools when it comes to building sets & stage design, but is not too crazy about tackling floor tile or any DIY renovations on his own. If someone was here to tell us what to do, we’d be great helpers, though.

So, my plan is to start spending my weekends driving around to all of the area Home Depot and Lowe’s home improvement stores, and hoping for the hosts of the DIY Network Kitchen Crashers or Bath Crashers to find me wandering the aisles looking at cabinetry or faucets.

I’m sure that will work. New kitchen, here I come.


One thought on “HGTV Blues

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